Watch How Gas Is Stolen Before Gas Cylinder Gets Delivered To Your Home

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July 25th, 2015

गैस की चोरी

देखिये आपकी रसोई तक आने से पहले किस तरह से गैस की चोरी होती है। This is how LPG is stolen right before it gets delivered to you. Therefore always weigh the cylinder and check for leakage before accepting LPG cylinders. A leaking cylinder is life threatening. Any sign of leakage or less weigh, ask the vendor for another cylinder and do the test again.

Posted by CurrentEvents.in on Thursday, 23 July 2015
Video By: CurrentEvents

Ever felt that your LPG cylinder was running out of gas too fast? Did you ever suspect your dealer or delivery-man of stealing your LPG and delivering reduced quantity of the gas? 

This video proves that your doubts were pretty on-the-mark. This is qu
ite an old trick actually – a metal pipe is used to connect the openings of two cylinders – one empty and one full. The pressure of the gas inside the filled cylinder pushes the gas into the empty cylinder. This simple scam is responsible for crores of rupees worth of losses to the consumers every year. 

Now the important question is how to avoid getting robbed? It’s really simple. Buy a good quality weighing scale and weight the Gas Cylinder at the time of delivery. Domestic cylinders will have their tare or empty weight printed in black in bold letters. The total weight of the filled cylinder should be the tare weight plus 14.2 kg.

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