She Lost 90% Of Her Vision But Didn’t Let That Stop Her From Graduating From IIM

Koshika Mira Saxena Uttar Pradesh

February 22nd, 2017 / 6:25 PM

Paridhi Varma

Life does not give equal opportunities to everyone. There are many who face the challenges that life throws at them while there are others who give up the fight. The one who emerges out of it are the true winners, and one such person is Paridhi Verma who did not let her disability deter her from achieving her goal.

Paridhi Verma is a 21-year-old visually impaired girl from Jaipur who studied at IIM Lucknow and received placement in a micro-finance bank. The Logical Indian spoke to Paridhi about her journey and how she turned her limitation into success.

Childhood and overcoming visual impairment

Paridhi was born in Jabalpur, and since a young age, she was an extrovert who played football and led a normal life like every other child. She occupied herself in her hobbies. When she was in class 9, she was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. This disease causes vision loss, gradually worsening the ability to see. Her parents took her to different hospitals in Hyderabad, Chennai and other cities and consulted a lot of reputed doctors. Throughout the diagnosis, Paridhi did not lose her composure and continued cultivating her hobbies without any hassles.

She says, “Since it was progressive, I could see in the initial days, and this motivated me to work hard and achieve something. By the time my vision degraded to 10%, my parents were transferred to Jaipur, and I had finished Bachelors in Business Administration and was planning to do post graduation. I decided to appear for CAT, and luckily I cleared it in the first attempt and got admission at Indian Institute of Management Lucknow.”

IIM Lucknow and the journey after

When the news of admission in IIM Lucknow broke out, Paridhi felt a rush of happiness inside, but her parents were not sure of sending her away owing to her impairment. They did all the research they could before sending her. When they were satisfied, they took her to Lucknow and helped her settle. Realising that their girl was ready to face the world, her parents went back to Jaipur. Paridhi says, “I am the only child, and since childhood, I was pampered and brought up with a lot of attention. Here at IIM too, I was the youngest student, and therefore my friends would pamper me. But as the studies and academic course began, a race began and I could feel that. The colleges in India are not conducive to the differently-abled people. It is a bit difficult to acclimatise to it. As I was almost 90 percent impaired it was an uphill task to learn and read.”

After finishing post graduation, she did an internship with a corporate firm where she realised that life needs encouragement and with good people around, survival in the corporate world becomes easier.

With her hard work and sheer determination, Paridhi amazed everyone by receiving a placement offer from a micro-finance bank as a customer relationship executive.

She says,”There is no need to highlight or treat differently-abled people specially. We are normal and deserved to be treated like that. I see how people react when they come to know about me. I just want to say that we are normal. I lead a life just like everyone else. I don’t feel I lack anywhere.”

The Logical Indian salutes the positivity and spirit showed by Paridhi Varma. We wish her best for the job and hope that others derive inspiration from her and face the challenges in life with a smile.

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