Mumbai Speaks On World Environment Day

The Logical Indian

June 5th, 2015


The urban lifestyle represents the epitome of the civilized world, but are things really that perfect? 6 questions is all it took to understand!

Posted by Siemens - Pay It Forward on Thursday, June 4, 2015

On this World Environment Day, a bunch of people in Mumbai were asked a few of the most genuine questions relating to environment and attitude of most of the Indians towards it. We all had a few questions which used to be the most pertinent and important in our school days but as we grew up, we have forgotten how precious our environment is and have forgotten about it. What are those cardinal questions?

When most of us just sit around and do hardly anything for our environment, there are people who are putting their efforts to protect it. But the fact is it needs effort from every citizen and organizations. No matter how big or small our contribution is, it plays a big role towards a better and sustainable environment. Let’s do our bit.

Courtesy: Siemens – Pay It Forward | @siemensindia

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