Tamil Nadu: How Tirupathur Police Is Ensuring Effective Law Enforcement In District

The Tirupathur police's feedback cell in the District Police Office has two objectives, first is process improvement by identifying the gaps in the police functioning, and secondly, to build trust and goodwill among people to enhance the legitimacy of police functioning.

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Tamil Nadu: How Tirupathur Police Is Ensuring Effective Law Enforcement In District

Tirupathur district was carved out from erstwhile Vellore District on 28.11.2019. For a district like Tirupathur with a population of 11,11,812 and area of 1797.92 Sq.km with beautiful hill terrain, where people belonging to multiple castes and religions, following various traditions and cultures live, the role of police assumes significance. This is because they enforce law impartially without fear or favour. The citizens lay their trust on the police officers to address their grievances within boundaries of the law.

The innovative process initiated are listed below in brief, Feedback cell

In an effort to improve the efficiency of the organization, feedback cell has been formed in the District Police Office with a twofold objective. First, is process improvement by identifying the gaps in the police functioning, and secondly, to build trust and goodwill among people to enhance the legitimacy of police functioning.


Phone numbers of complainants in all cases of FIR, CSR, petitions,100 calls have been obtained.

A phone call made from feedback cell after 72 hours from the District Police Office and five leading questions posed to them including

  1. Is FIR registered within 3 hours of lodging the complaint?
  2. Are you satisfied with the line of investigation?
  3. Is there any demand for undue gratification?
  4. Did you receive dignified treatment in the police station?
  5. The fifth question is related to the approval rating of concerned investigation /enquiry officer in a scale of 0-10

Police officers with a positive feedback were appreciated for their good work done and same is acknowledged and police officers with negative feedback are advised to do course correction.

Feedback data for the month of January:

Digitization of SOC of accidents, prohibition offences and property crimes and predictive policing-hotspot policing


To Collate process analyze and generating reports for appropriate intervention to bring positive impact.

To implement predictive police based on the geospatial spread of crimes.

  1. The coordinates of SOC through latitude and longitude is recorded in Google map for all cases of accidents, prohibition offences and property crimes.
  2. The location is matched with time and maps created with 500 mtr radius spots identifying the name of the streets/spot/place.
  3. The maps are added in the weekly crime and occurrence report released by District Crime Records Bureau every week for targeted intervention to prevent crimes-as an effort towards predictive policing.
  4. The interventions in the form of patrol, beat or pickets are monitored by the district control & response centre.

Real-time location of officers on duty

The officers in the rank of inspectors, Sub inspectors, Highway patrols, bike born brigades are connected in Google maps through their email ids in smartphones. Once the officer's duty time is over or if they are on leave, they disconnect the link. This location is monitored by district control & response Centre in real-time and resources are directed to attend the emergencies in the shortest possible time. The emergent situation includes accidents, road roko, 100 calls, and chain snatching or intercepting a vehicle involved in a crime among others.

Visit your police station programme

  1. Letters sent to all the college and school principals in Tirupathur District to bring their students to the nearest police station every Thursday at 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.
  2. The SHO/police officers present in the police station will take the students for a guided tour to CCTNS, lock-up etc. The students will be briefed on the authority and responsibility of the police officers, about FIR, about Handcuff etc.
  3. This is an extension of student police cadet programme and helps in developing goodwill to the police.it also helps in police being seen as role model and removes the fear factor from young citizens of the country

Village Vigilance Committee – Problem-Oriented Policing

VVC has been formed in all 107 villages and 321 hamlets in the district

  1. The committee is inclusive, representative and of voluntary in nature
  2. The meeting will be held once a month and reports generated once a month
  3. This aids largely in the prevention of crime and free flow of information to stem crime
  4. During COVID times it comes in handy to neutralize fake news, educate citizens and partnering with citizens for community policing to fight COVID.

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