The Inspiring Story Of Ron Malhotra, The Renowned Wealth Expert
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The Inspiring Story Of Ron Malhotra, The Renowned Wealth Expert

Ron Malhotra is an award-winning financial advisor, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and self-development author.

It takes a lot of determination and hard work to become a successful wealth and business advisor, so it's not surprising that Ron Malhotra has overcome several hurdles to attain the success he is experiencing today. What motivated him to work with numbers and find out how those figures impact the lives of people? How did he develop the desire to interact with and help people with financial planning? As a wealth expert, Ron had to work flat out on developing his business. Read on to find out what helped him rise to the top of his profession as you gain valuable pointers on your radar to get motivated both personally and professionally.

Ron Malhotra is a man of many talents. He is an award-winning financial advisor, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and self-development author. He is the CEO of Ron Malhotra International and the Managing Director of a leading wealth management firm. Ron is a firm believer in the importance of money education as a compulsory field in every educational institution.

How Did It Start?

Born in India, Ron migrated to Australia in his early teens. His exposure to several cultures helped him to develop resilience, intelligence, and a wide perception of life. Before starting a business, he worked in corporate financial services varying from private banking and commercial banking to funds management and financial planning.

Ron developed a passion for learning about wealth creation after seeing that his parents struggled financially even after several years of hard work with good incomes in their successful careers. They did not financially plan their future when they were younger, leading to a bleak and uncertain future. This motivated Ron to spend many years undergoing formal education to learn and understand the subject of financial planning and wealth management.

Fast forward several years and even today Ron sees this trend being repeated throughout various age groups. He now helps people avoid the common pitfalls, helping them with appropriate knowledge and strategies and showing them the pathway to financial success – this, he says, gives him tremendous satisfaction. And, that's why being a financial advisor is more than merely a career choice to Ron. It is his mission!

Overcoming Stumbling Blocks

Life was not a bed of roses for this Indian-Australian when he started his career. He had to struggle a lot with failures and setbacks for several years and had to go through a phase of lack of self-esteem, negativity and laziness – the crises that have been affecting millions every day. With his confidence drooping to his life's lowest level, he was eventually able to craft a successful career, life and business. But, his innate desire to learn, experience, and challenge himself to play life's big game is what has helped him experience success.

Today, he has learnt and applied the success principles about attitude, mindset, and actions, which have completely transformed his life. He is on the path of achieving all his major goals, including crafting an exciting career, establishing a successful business, writing the best-selling book, making wealth through income assets, public speaking about his passions, and being featured in the media regularly.


Ron Malhotra has a proven track record of several growing businesses and has created eight brands in different fields in the marketplace. He has made a name for himself in the list of the Top 50 Emerging Icons in Education internationally and Top 50 Most Influential Men on LinkedIn. He is featured regularly in leading magazines like the Financial Review, Money Magazine, CNN, IFA, Investing Daily, and ABC to name a few.

That is not it! Ron is obsessed with achievements and he loves to keep adding more to his casket. He is the author of Amazon's best-selling book '8 Wealth Habits of Financially Successful People'.

Ron's advice to readers is – "You need to discover your purpose in life to be successful. The best way to understand that is to know your passion, strengths and values. Your passion will ultimately lead you to your purpose. You have to be crystal clear on these. Once you have identified these, reflect back to those moments where you were the happiest as these hold the hints to what you should do with your life. Your values will help you make well-informed decisions and avoid situations that do not support you."

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