Enhancing The Livelihoods Of Farmers Through Unnati Mango

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Enhancing The Livelihoods Of Farmers Through Unnati Mango

With Unnati Mango, Coca-Cola India is harnessing this cherished connection to create a positive impact in the lives of those who cultivate this beloved fruit.

The luscious taste and vibrant colors of fresh mangoes have long captivated the hearts of people across India. As we celebrate the joy of fresh mangoes, let’s delve into Coca-Cola India's Unnati Mango project- a heart-warming initiative that not only enhances the livelihoods of marginal farmers but also embraces the shared love for this delectable fruit. This endeavor not only brings the joy of succulent mangoes to our tables but also uplifts communities and exemplifies the power of responsible business practices.

The joy of fresh mangoes

There is something magical about biting into a juicy mango- its sweet nectar dancing on your taste buds and the sheer delight it brings. For generations, mangoes have been cherished as a symbol of summer, a beloved fruit that embodies the essence of joy and togetherness. With Unnati Mango, Coca-Cola India is harnessing this cherished connection to positively impact the lives of those who cultivate this beloved fruit.

G Masthanamma, a mango grower from Tamil Nadu, has been a part of Coca-Cola India’s ‘Unnati Mango project for many years now. When she heard about the transformative Ultra High-density plantation technology and its potential to revolutionize mango cultivation, she sent her husband to the nearby town to learn more about its real impact on yields. With the implementation of the UHDP technology on just 2 acres of land, their yield has significantly increased from an average of 1.5 to 2 metric tons per acre to an impressive 4.5 tons. She nurtured her mango trees with dedication and hard work under this innovative approach. The Unnati Mango project has also enabled her to motivate many women to become part of this sustainable agricultural initiative.

Embracing responsible business practices

At the core of Unnati Mango lies a deep commitment to responsible business practices. The company believes that agriculture should be resilient, environmentally sustainable, and, wherever possible, be restorative to the surrounding environment in all areas and activities on the farm. With this guiding principle, Coca-Cola India continues to work collaboratively with farming communities to help them increase productivity and profitability, ensure long-term viability and improve resilience to climate, market and other changes.

Unnati Mango is not just a project; it is a heartfelt endeavor that empowers marginal farmers who have dedicated their lives to cultivating mangoes. Launched in 2011, this project emerged with a dream to enhance the productivity of India’s beloved mangoes in regions of Andhra Pradesh, which further expanded to Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Odisha, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The program benefits farmers through Ultra-High-Density plantations and drip irrigation to reduce water stress and increase crop yields and overall community development. Unnati Mango focuses on large-scale capability building of farmers by means of well-curated training programs, facilitating the adoption of scientific methodologies through hydrogeological logical assessments, soil and water testing, and provision for lab-grown saplings of true-to-type varieties.

Project Unnati was launched with a vision to address the challenges of low farm productivity, poor technology adoption, and fruit wastage in the horticulture sector. It makes a concerted difference in the Indian fruit ecosystem by enhancing farming efficiency, which will lead to a significant increase in the farmer's income, thereby upscaling and enhancing their livelihoods. This project has devised a way to yield more mangoes and other fruits like oranges, grapes, apples, litchis, and sugarcanes while bringing about a revolution in the horticulture industry in India.

Recognizing their immense contribution to India’s agricultural landscape, Coca-Cola India extends support and resources to these farmers. The project employs innovative methods to reach farmers across remote areas. Training vans or buses are employed, equipped with modern facilities and expert trainers, to bring valuable agricultural knowledge directly to the farmers. These mobile training units serve as mobile classrooms, providing practical demonstrations, interactive sessions, and hands-on learning experiences. Unnati Mango has made a positive impact on over 80,000 farmers to date.

By providing them with training, technical guidance, and access to modern farming practices, the project empowers farmers to maximize their yields and improve the quality of their mangoes. Through the Unnati projects, a productivity increase of up to 5X has been achieved among certain farmers who adapted these Good Agricultural Practices.

Once, a drought-forced migration took Chenna Reddy away from his agricultural roots to Bangalore, where he made a living through plumbing. However, learning about the UHDP technology, he was intrigued. Investing nearly 2 lakhs for a borewell and availing the company's subsidies for drip irrigation and planting material, he planted 2 acres of mango using the UHDP approach. He even built a house on his fields for closer monitoring. By diligently following the guidance, Chenna reaped the rewards with an impressive 6-tons yield per acre.

"I'm very happy and inspired by the modern farming method as it gives us more money compared to many other conventional crops and systems," said Chenna.

Through this empowerment, farmers are not only able to sustain their livelihoods but also experience a sense of pride and accomplishment. This creates opportunities for skill development, generates employment, and strengthens social bonds. Unnati Mango helps to preserve the rich cultural heritage associated with mango cultivation, ensuring that future generations continue to savor the joy and flavor of this beloved fruit.

Fostering a Fruit Circular Economy (FCE)

“There has been a strong emphasis on creating an ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, India’s journey of economic self-reliance. Our interventions on water, sustainable agriculture and waste management are geared towards creating effective and sustainable socio-economic models, to support the Government of India’s vision of a self-reliant India. Accelerating this vision, Project Unnati is empowering and nurturing farmers to enhance horticulture productivity in 12 states, thereby upscaling their livelihoods and making their future sustainable,” mentioned Mr Rajesh Ayapilla, Director-CSR and Sustainability, Coca-Cola INSWA.

Unnati Mango embodies the spirit of a fruit circular economy, where every step of the mango supply chain is optimized for maximum value and minimal waste. From the cultivation of mango trees to post-harvest handling, the project emphasizes efficiency and sustainability. This project ensures that farmers adopt precision agriculture practices leading to significant yield enhancement, thereby helping in a multi-fold increase in their income and fostering economic stability.

Looking Ahead

Furthering their commitment, the company expanded Project Unnati to Odisha with 'Unnati Aamrit', aligned with the Government of India's priorities towards doubling farmers' income. It aims to increase mango productivity in Odisha by improving agricultural, economic, social, and environmental sustainability, thereby acting as a catalyst to help India achieve self-sufficiency in mango production.

As we celebrate the deliciousness of fresh mangoes on National Mango Day, we must acknowledge the transformative power of Coca-Cola India's Unnati Mango project, which brings the joy of mangoes to our tables while uplifting communities and creating a sustainable future. As we relish the sweetness of this beloved fruit, let us remember and appreciate the dedicated farmers who make it possible and continue to support initiatives that nourish both our palates and our communities.

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