#75YearsOfMahindra: A Mini History Of Carving New Trails And Inspiring Lives

#75YearsOfMahindra: A Mini History Of Carving New Trails And Inspiring Lives

Celebrating 75 extraordinary years of its legacy, Mahindra commemorates a History of creating histories.

Seven decades ago, a young nation full of possibilities was born! In its nascent years, India stood ahead of many challenging paths to create a history that was there to stay. With its legacy of trailblazing remarkable feats that continue to remain valuable for generations, Mahindra Group has proudly wheeled India through the dense roads of history. Celebrating 75 extraordinary years of its legacy, Mahindra commemorates a history of creating histories this October.


Starting as a steel trading venture, Mahindra which stands tall and tenacious as a global powerhouse today has quite a storied history of its own. Accelerating into the 21st century as a global brand, "Mahindra and Mohommad" was born on October 2nd, 1945. As India unfurled its flag of Independence in 1947, Mohommad divested their stake and moved to Pakistan. In merely a short span of three years, the company renamed as "Mahindra and Mahindra" went live among the public in addition to its shares being listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange just a year later.

Gearing Up

It was an exceedingly dynamic year as Mahindra, in the same year 1947 began the Willys Jeep assembly in India that was capable of taking on the tough terrain. It became an ideal vehicle to tackle India's rough roads and rural needs. The post-war meeting of KC Mahindra and designer Barney Roos that materialised into a deal brought jeeps into India. The history of SUVs in India remains close to Mahindra's legacy. As a way forward, India's first homemade jeep and the first vehicle of Mahindra was unveiled to the public on June 3rd,1949.


Reeling into a self-sustained economy, the post-1950s were a dynamic time for India that was making progress on all fronts. A developing country, India poignantly sprawled its agricultural lush and towered advanced infrastructure. Mahindra, which is a household name in India this day, equipped and enabled growing India with its sturdily robust tractor vehicles. In 1983, Mahindra had won the trust of people and went on to become India's largest tractor selling brand.


Mahindra stepped up to open up possibilities for the progressing society by creating new industries. From farm equipment to automotive, financial services to IT infrastructural development services to steel trading, Mahindra reorganised into six strategic business units in the year 1994. Roping in the values of a 360-degree development, Mahindra percolated the sustainability of progress to every last corner of the country. From being the torchbearer of the IT revolution to the forerunner of evolved agricultural practises, Mahindra has been a mini-revolution on its own.

Path Of Progress

The year 2000 and up, after the launch of the historic Mahindra Bolero that became India's largest selling SUVs, the country was opened into a whole new expanse and idea of development. With Mahindra Pride Schools and Nanhi Kali, the brand pulled up its socks to empower the community with holistic development tendered with empathy. Even today, Mahindra continues to use its resources to drive positive change in the lives of stakeholders across the world.

Beyond And Above

Mahindra made an entry into Aerospace and Aerostructures in 2009 and went electric in 2010. In two years time, Mahindra Research Valley, Premier R&D facility was inaugurated. Not only this, by the year 2010 Mahindra Racing had begun to compete on the Global Motorsport Stage. Last year, in 2019 Mahindra unveiled the world's first electric hypercar. Recently, Mahindra launched the strongly poised and all-new iconic Thar on October 2nd, 2020. Mahindra Group is present in over 100 countries with 150+ companies empowering its 250 thousand employees.

As Mahindra celebrates its 75 years of legacy interspersed with transformational shifts, it launches into the 21st century with an undying challenger spirit. The glorious journey of many off-road paths has set an example for the generation to come. Mahindra which started its journey with the rising sun of India's Independence continues to take up missions critical to the progress of an ever-evolving nation.

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