BTS: Swiggys Wrong Address Explores How Wrong Addresses Can Sometimes Take You To The Right Places!

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BTS: Swiggy's 'Wrong Address' Explores How Wrong Addresses Can Sometimes Take You To The Right Places!

Swiggy never stops surprising us, and once again, through its digital film, 'Wrong Address,' explores how wrong addresses can sometimes take you to the right places.

Moving to a new city alone can be a challenging experience where you might get everything except that comforting love of home. But what if you meet someone who apparently feels home? And no, we are not talking about temporary homes we find on dating apps!

A lot can happen over 'Swiggying it!', and Aashna and Raghav's story is the perfect example. Swiggy never stops surprising us, and once again, through its digital film, 'Wrong Address,' explores how wrong addresses can sometimes take you to the right places. The film unfolds the story of the two neighbors who turn into lovers from strangers.

However, the part that stood out is how the video takes us through the journey of the young couple's love story through Swiggy UI, highlighting the usage of various Swiggy services. A perfect fit for this Valentine's! However, Sneha John, Director – of Brand Marketing & Social, Swiggy, in a conversation with The Logical Indian, mentioned this was not just a topical content piece, but it aligns with Swiggy's vision of delivering unparalleled convenience, becoming an irreplaceable part of modern relationships through its various offerings. The digital film skillfully illustrates how Swiggy has become the go-to place for daily requirements, from purchasing food or groceries from Instamart to choosing places for date evenings with the help of Dineout and whatnot!

Aashna and Raghav are an example where Swiggy played the cupid, and so was the case of Sneha John, whose real-life story added elements to the film. But how is it to bring out your own story to the world? “I was being very protective of the brief and being very picky about finding the right creative partners who could take the idea and brief and make it better. The Talented team treated the brief and the film with much love and care,” said Sneha, adding the focus was never on showing the offerings of Swiggy but on giving the story the center stage.

1st row from left - Balaji Padmanabhan, Sneha John and Pooja Manek

2nd row from left- Ashish Lingamneni, Malvika Thirani and Nabil Kureshi

It might have been Sneha's personal story but didn't we resonate with at least one of their moments? From needing to order something with the voice search feature to avoid the spelling mistake and Instamart being on rescue to ordering soup for your loved one on a sick day to checking out venues for a romantic evening on Swiggy Dineout, Raghav and Aashna, make sure their romantic evening out is a success—no matter where they decide to dine. The display of the restaurants that Aashna and Raghav visited throughout time and the transformation of the restaurant photographs into videos simply touched our hearts.

After several dinners and dates, one fine day, Raghav asks, 'Are we a thing now?" To which Aashna playfully teases him, saying, "maybe" while she deletes an address on Swiggy of an acquaintance she met on Tinder. This is something that leaves us in awe, isn't it? With this, we can see a beautiful love story blossoming between this Delhi girl and a South Indian boy. They are a 'thing' now. It is deeply moving to witness people of different cultures fall in love with each other. At that moment, all that matters is love, which has no boundaries.

During tough times, like when Aashna is sick, Raghav orders her hot soup with just a few clicks. What's more? When Aashna doesn't reach on time for a movie date, she makes up to Raghav with his favourite home-cooked food and having it delivered to his office via Genie—with specific instructions to "Handle with Care." We'd all agree that we have Aashna or Raghav in our lives too! Pooja Manek, the founder member of Talented, also agrees that everyone is able to see themselves in Aashna and Raghav because love stories are unique, but love is universal.

Pooja, who worked closely on this film, feels that ordering food for each other, deleting and adding addresses, looking for places for a date, sending stuff through Genie–all these are top on the list of efforts that modern couples make, showcasing this made the film more relatable to people.

We can see Raghav and Aashna’s chemistry throughout the video and how they are moving forward with love and affection toward each other. Then we witness a conversation that radiates with the sentiment of love! Aashna poses a question to Raghav to move in with her, with an adorable cake that was ordered from Swiggy! He says YES! Isn't it heartwarming? It truly brings out the emotion that they have for each other.

While discussing the screen life format, which worked like a charm in this storytelling, Pooja shared, "when Swiggy came to us with the vision and brief, we saw a clear opportunity to take a leaf from UI-based work done before and elevate this format for the Swiggy universe. It helped that our creative producer, Nabil Kureshi, and our writer, Malvika Thirani, worked out of the editing studio for a week straight, bringing this to life with the Chocolate Films crew".

That says it all! We can see that it was indeed a labor of love brought to life beautifully. Credit goes to the remarkable individuals who worked night and day tirelessly to present this film to the world, unfolding a story that took viewers by surprise at the end! A big shoutout from Swiggy to the whole team and Ashish Lingamneni, VP of Brand Marketing, Swiggy, the creative agency, Talented, particularly Malavika, Pooja, Nabil and Balaji, in addition to Rohan and Sanjna from Chocolate Films, Mumbai. It takes great effort to curate the right sentiment coupled with a captivating narrative, and this surely deserves to be applauded!

At The Logical Indian, we truly value ideas that are engaging and out of the box. With this special series, we unfold the layers of effort that go into making something look so effortless and incredible. Rooting for you, Swiggy!

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