How Worst-Affected Maharashtra Is Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic

As per the updates till Thursday, the state has reported more than 44,000 confirmed cases, with 27,000 alone from Mumbai

Maharashtra   |   23 May 2020 11:06 AM GMT / Updated : 2020-05-24T09:33:06+05:30
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How Worst-Affected Maharashtra Is Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic
Coronavirus cases in India surpassed the one lakh mark this week, with cases doubling every 13.3 days. Among all, Maharashtra has been the wors-hit by the outbreak from the very beginning.

The state confirmed more than 44,000 cases up till Saturday evening, reporting two out of every five deaths. Mumbai alone has reported the highest number with more than 27,000 confirmed cases, accounting for almost three out of every five cases in the state.

Asia's biggest slum Dharavi, that is home to almost 8.5 lakh people have reported most of the cases as compared to the other areas within Mumbai.

The rise in the number of cases is also attributed to rapid testing conducted by the state, which according to epidemiologists is highly appreciated, as more the tests are conducted, the state will have a more clear projection to make arrangements and facilities.

Maharashtra's clear projection can be observed by looking at the growth distinctions in cases from March-April and April-mid May, along with the difference in the number of fatalities reported.

According to the Indian Express report, Mumbai's monthly death toll rose 40 times from seven in March, to 283 in April, and from April it rose by 1.8 times in the first 20 days of May. Mumbai's monthly new cases rose by 45 times in April.

Quoting epidemiologist Dr Pradeep Awate the report said that the cases that were doubling in a matter of three days have slowed down to at least six-seven days. This clearly shows a growth deceleration of the virus in the state.

The state took measures with immediate effect, right from imposing strict norms of social distancing to shutting down markets, ramping up oxygen support, and provision of immediate symptomatic treatments to patients.

Mumbai's death rate that climbed up to 7 per cent, has dropped, and currently stands at 3.5 per cent. The state also recorded the highest number of recoveries up till Saturday, with 12,583 patients recovered.

As a step ahead towards curbing the spread of the infection, the state government ordered 80% control of all private hospital beds till August 31.

The government also limited sky-high treatment charges by hospitals. However, hospitals can charge their own rates for the remaining 20 per cent beds.

Hospitals run by charitable trusts, including nursing homes come under the coverage. Hospitals like Jaslok Hospital, Lilavati Hospital and Nanavati Hospital will also be regulated under the order.

In an order on April 30, the government had also fixed the cost of COVID treatment and non-COVID treatment including 270 procedures and surgeries, including cancer treatments. The package rates will include doctors' fee as well.

The government clearly mentioned in the order that there should not be any difference in the quality of treatment for 80 per cent and 20 per cent category.

Although stern measures are being taken, the state is reporting more than a thousand cases a day. Raising concerns over the upcoming monsoon season health officials told the Indian Express that monsoon would give rise to other influenza cases such as dengue, malaria and its effect on the state will be daunting.

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