[Watch/Read] She Refused Her Cousins Marriage Proposal And He Replied With Acid

[Watch/Read] She Refused Her Cousin's Marriage Proposal And He Replied With Acid

Sapna is a bright 23 year old young girl from New Delhi. She was studying at a government school and also doing a part time job when the attack took place. Sapna’s cousin who is 10 years older than her wished to marry her. She wanted to finish her schooling and pursue further education. Therefore, she was not keen to get married, especially not in the family to her cousin. Her refusal hurt her cousin’s pride. Sapna never thought that this rejection would cause her so much pain and suffering, especially not from someone in her own family. She was on her way to her office from school when two men on a scooter with covered faces threw acid on her. In spite of being in agony, Sapna ensured to find out who her attacker was so she ran after him and pulled the scarf off his face. She was shocked to see that it was her cousin. For 4 days, she refused to tell her parents who did this to her as she knew it would cause a family feud. But after much thought she realized that if she protected his identity, another girl could suffer just like her. After confiding in her mother, she ensured that she got justice.

The attacker bribed the police with Rs 10,000 to get off the hook but Sapna continued her fight and finally got justice. The attacker is now behind bars.

Sapna rose above all the adversities and underwent several surgeries and medical treatments. She is now employed with our organisation to help other women gain the courage and confidence to step back into society. She is extremely brave and is not only financially independent, but also happily married to someone of her choice. Brave and determined,we are lucky to have her supporting us.

Make Love Not Scars in association with The Logical Indian, Meer Foundation, Humans Of Bombay and Hyper has launched a campaign #SkillsNotScars to provide jobs to acid attack survivors. You can help Sapna and many like her to get a job, by visiting the website here: http://makelovenotscars.org/skills/screenshot_1

Think Sapna is the right fit for your organisation? Click the link above to get all her information and initiate hiring.

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