Narendra Modi Inspires A Wave Of Volunteers To Realize Swachh Bharat

Narendra Modi Inspires A Wave Of Volunteers To Realize Swachh Bharat

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100 Cities Covered by Shramdaan Team Under the Swachch Bharat Campaign This Year.

Who is the Shramdaan Team?

Individuals across 35 cities of the country are starting a collective effort towards fulfilling the dream of Swachh Bharat. In a mission which is being called #Shramdaan by involved members, different groups in different cities would voluntarily be adopting public places, cleaning them and then maintaining on a regular basis.

While last year Shramdaan covered 35 cities across India under the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan on 24th January, 2015, this year it has been able to extend the scope to 100 cities, with 700 strong participants. This is truly a reflection of what citizen participation can do if they set their mind to it.

We are all aware that our Prime Minister launched the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan on Gandhi Jayanti, 2014. Unfortunately, even after 67 years of independence there is considerable work to be done to make India clean. Modiji, along with other celebrities picked up the broom and cleaned the roads in order to create awareness amongst Indian citizens on the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in India.

Indian citizens have responded enthusiastically to this clarion call by the government. We are well aware that no government initiative can be successfully implemented without the participation of public at large. Shramdaan thus focuses on tapping on the human resource in the country to chip in their bit.

What Shramdaan achieved on 24th January can be easily replicated by residents of all the towns and cities of India. To know more, to contact and be part of Shramdaam, the following is they way.

Shramdan can be initiated in every city and people may be inspired to join in this noble effort.

Cleanup your workspace, house, kitchen, study by yourself and share your photographs on the #Shramdaan tag on Twitter/Facebook or send them to Whatsapp number 8009559518 for others to get inspired.

Initiate a debate, discussion wherever you are on “HOW TO ACHIEVE COMPLETE CLEANLINESS?” and send your inputs to [email protected]

IF YOU CAN DO NONE OF THESE, Don’t worry, you can still help us – JUST WISH US LUCK!!

The Logical Indian applaud the grand success achieved by Shramdan on 24th January this year and call on each and every Indian to make his or her own contribution from wherever they are. We also thank Prime Minister Modi for inspiring people to take up and realize the dream of Swachh Bharat.


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