Have You Participated In #BeAHungerHero Movement? If Not, Heres How You Can

Have You Participated In #BeAHungerHero Movement? If Not, Here's How You Can

Food – is a necessity for survival; is a reason of happiness; is something that sees no physical boundaries; is a divine blessing; is something that unites us all.

#BeAHungerHero is an effort to raise awareness about the cause of hunger and food wastage, in the country which has the world’s highest number of undernourished people and still wastes 40% of all food produced annually.

The national not for profit, Feeding India in collaboration with The Logical Indian is continuing a tradition started in 1979, people honor the fundamental right of ‘access to food’. Through this event Feeding India and The Logical Indian wishes to reach out to the magnanimous heart of each Indian and to open their eyes to the crores of hungry fellow brethren who go unnoticed each day, also pledging to never waste this precious gift of food for the year to come.

In an endeavour to solve the 2 interconnected problems of hunger and food wastage Feeding India channelizes excess food from various sources to feed thousands of starving mouths each day across 20 cities in India.

What is #BeAHungerHero 2016?

#BeAHungerHero is encouraging the public of India to step out and donate a meal, to any person in need, at any time, and at any place. Given that we cannot feed everyone, but by serving a few we can bring about a great change in the lives of those destitute.

Why donate a meal only once? It won’t solve the huge problem of hunger in one week?

With 20 crore Indians sleeping hungry each night, one meal seems to be an insignificant number, but it means the world to the one hungry person whose hunger will be satisfied by this ‘one meal’ that you donate. We cannot feed everyone and solve hunger instantly. This, however, is the much needed start.

Pledge your support today. By donating a single meal to a person in need, we can:

1. Bring humanity to the fore. Tell the hungry people that there is someone who cares.
2. Show our support to solve hunger in India
3. Spread happiness: The one meal that you will serve will spread smiles, even if just for a day.

Who can participate?

The whole week will witness people from across the country – friends, families, students, corporates, restaurants, caterers, chefs, everyone, donating meals to the needy and marking their support to the cause of hunger.

How can you participate?

11-20 October, 2016:

Anyone and everyone can join the movement by donating a meal to any needy person around you. Pledge your support by sharing your story with the world by uploading a picture with the hashtag
#BeAHungerHero and motivate many others to do it.

16 October, 2016: World Food Day.

Feeding India is setting up food camps in 20+ cities across India to donate food in an organized manner and celebrate with the less privileged.

Get food ready — Collect food from a nearby restaurant, bakery, and hotel to initiate the donation process.
Donate food to the needy — Identify people who really need food beforehand to ensure your efforts go to the ones who actually deserve them. Donating to orphanages, old age homes, and differently-abled homes is always a plus.

Follow the event on Facebook and stay up-to date with all happenings- https://www.facebook.com/events/189827778093515/

Here’s to the happiness we will spread through #BeAHungerHero

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