My Story: I Had To Fight Because Somewhere In My Mind I Knew That If I Die, My Kids Will Not Get Enough Support
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My Story: I Had To Fight Because Somewhere In My Mind I Knew That If I Die, My Kids Will Not Get Enough Support

“It was in back in 2004, I was detected with Breast Cancer. My daughter was then just three-month-old, my son was six-year-old.

When a disease enters a household, it affects the entire family. Everyone gets scared when they hear the word “cancer”, but I did not get much scared, the reasons may be because my husband is a doctor and I am a medical staff. But No matter how much we are aware of this disease, there was a subdued fear working within us.

Though I left few things on destiny, I fought on my own and grew mentally stronger. Your family gives you probably all the support, but sometimes, they even lose hope and you have to struggle from that particular point.

I took the fight with cancer as a challenge to stand up for my kids. I knew I have to live, I had to fight because somewhere in my mind I always had this thought that I have to support my kids till they grow up and achieve something, I had to think for their future, for their security. I have grown strong seeing their innocent faces. I knew, if I died that time, my kids will not get that support.

Finally I went treatment after some months. One of my breast was removed. I was initially keeping well. I was keeping up with my daily chores as well as my office works, I also took time off to teach my kids.

Now coming to the other part of the story, I had a fibroid in my uterus for a long time. I was aware about it, and had consulted many doctors. The doctors had said that there’s nothing to worry much, and it does not need to be cut out from the body. But if it bleeds severely, it has to be removed.

After some years it started bleeding profusely. So the doctor suggested me to undergo the vasectomy operation. Initially the tests that were conducted did not find cancer. But after operation the found it cancerous. I was not that surprised, because I have already been through this once. But I broke mentally and physically. I wanted to keep up the fight thinking of my two kids. Again I opt for treatment. I chose to do radiotherapy. And by the grace of God, I am doing good. I still have some problems but I don’t pay to heed to them much. I always fight to stay well and live happily with my husband and two kids. My daughter in class 1 and son is in class 8.

My motto in life is to see my children growing up and standing on their own feet. I have lived my life and have been a happy mother and wife. I try really hard overcome the problems I face today.

My own family did not support me much. They stay far from me. Everyone else is leading their own life. So it was just my husband who supported me.”

Submitted By – Premlata Hazra

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