2-Yr-Old Son Attacked With Acid After His Mother Rejects Neighbours Sexual Advances

2-Yr-Old Son Attacked With Acid After His Mother Rejects Neighbour's Sexual Advances

Update: Dear Community Members, thank you so much for coming forward and extending help to Aditya. The support we have received is overwhelming and yet again affirms our strong faith in the power of The Logical Indian Community to bring any positive change in our society. With all your support, Aditya has currently received the required help and just needs our prayer now! We shall keep you posted with all the future updates on Aditya’s progress.

On the 12th of December 2016, the parents of Aditya Raj were petrified to find that their two-year-old child missing. For two days, Aditya’s parents barely slept, ate or functioned as they ran from corner to corner in Gurgaon in search for their missing boy.

On the 14th of December 2016, a kind stranger reported that he had found an injured child with no clothes on in an obscure dumpster. The police arrived at the scene to find that the child was none other than Aditya himself. However, to their dismay, Aditya had been attacked with acid and was suffering from shock and trauma. He was shivering since he was left naked in the dumpster with no protection from the freezing winter cold.

Aditya was reunited with his parents. His mother is eight months pregnant and in shock at the state she has found her son in. His father feels guilty because he feels that he could have protected his son better. He is in the hospital and requires urgent medical care.

Since the last one year, Aditya and his parents had been living in a rented room in a poor neighbourhood in Gurgaon. However, their neighbour, a single lone man began to fall in love with Aditya’s mother and tried to convince her to run away with him. She told her husband and the couple spoke to the man and told him that they were a married couple with a son. The man was undeterred and continued to harass Aditya’s mother. The sexual harassment became increasingly more violent and dangerous. The parents had no choice but to shift neighbourhoods.

When Aditya and his parents shifted away, the neighbour became even more obsessed with Aditya’s mother. He would continuously speak about her, try to find her whereabouts and lament his loss. As he would speak about her to his friends, one of his friends became angry at Aditya’s mother for the fact that she had hurt his friend by not responding to his advances.

As revenge against Aditya’s mother, his friend kidnapped Aditya, attacked him with acid and left him to die in the dumpster. Acid attacks are brutal, painful and require long recovery periods. Aditya is now suffering from an extensive infection that is corroding the skin away from his face, back, neck and little arms. He’s in pain and is only capable of expressing it through his cries. He has already lost his eyesight in one eye and no one will ever know what other horrors he suffered while he was kidnapped because he’s just a toddler and hasn’t learnt the words to express such violence that no child should ever have to face.

The family is extremely poor and in urgent need of funds to pay for their son’s treatment. Aditya’s infection has reached a point where if he’s not moved to advanced medical care, he could lose his life. He’s in pain and will require multiple rounds of surgeries.

If you wish to help Aditya. Please reach out to Make Love Not Scars, [email protected]

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