West Bengal: Zomato Executives Refuse To Deliver Beef And Pork, Revolt Of 1857 Or 2019?

Published : 12 Aug 2019 7:04 AM GMT
West Bengal: Zomato Executives Refuse To Deliver Beef And Pork, Revolt Of 1857 Or 2019?

Food Delivery Company, Zomato is in the midst of another fresh controversy as its delivery personnel have called an indefinite strike today in West Bengal’s Howrah, citing deliveries that hurt their religious sentiments.

Nearly 200 delivery executives are participating in the protest and also trying to dissuade other executives from picking up or delivering orders from South Howrah to North Howrah.

The personnel have refused to deliver pork or beef during Bakri Eid on August 12, Monday.

Two of their demands are that Zomato should revise the pay order and the company must stop tampering with the religious sentiments of their employees.

Rage Over Delivering Pork And Beef

“Recently some Muslim restaurants have been added to the online food delivery app,” Mousin Akhtar, a delivery executive, told India Today.

“But we have some Hindu delivery boys who are denying to deliver beef. And it’s been heard that in few days we have to deliver pork, which we refuse to deliver,” he added.

Zomato later issued a statement saying it is looking to resolve the matter, but it is impossible to factor veg and non-veg into delivery logistics.

“In a country as diverse as India, it is impossible to ensure that vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences are factored into delivery logistics. Delivery partners are unequivocally made to understand the practical nature of the job as they choose to enter the workforce. All our partners understand this fully. There is a small group of partners in Howrah, who have raised concerns. We are looking to resolve the issue as quickly as possible,” Zomato spokesperson said in a statement.

Arup Roy and Rajib Banerjee, Trinamool Congress Ministers from Howrah also backed the protestors.

“We extend our support to them. No one should infringe on anyone’s religious beliefs,” Roy told The Times Of India.

“No one has a right to force anyone to do anything against their religious beliefs. We will take up the issue with appropriate authorities,” State Irrigation Minister, Rajib Banerjee said.

Revolt Of 1857?

Amidst all the concerns raised by the delivery executives, Netizens compared the executives’ protest to the revolt of 1857, which was also based on the issue of beef and pork.

Some even pointed out that the sale of beef and pork is legal in Bengal and called the protests ‘nonsense’.

Manufactured Protest?

Since Zomato’s competitors like Swiggy or Uber Eats were not a part of this protest, some even suspected that this might be a “manufactured protest.”

‘Food Has No Religion’

Earlier this month, an extensive social debate started over a Zomato user’s controversial demand for cancellation of his food order because a ‘non-Hindu’ rider was delivering it.

Zomato’s reply to the demand with a message – “Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion” later fuelled a controversy, with users accusing Zomato of ‘Hypocrisy’ and ‘double standards’ for referring to certain food choices as ‘Halal’ and ‘Jhatka.’

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