Breaking The Barriers, These Two Women Officers In J&K Are Calling The Shots
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Breaking The Barriers, These Two Women Officers In J&K Are Calling The Shots

Four days before Jammu and Kashmir turned into a Union Territory, Dr Syed Sehrish Asgar, a 2013 batch IAS Officer, was appointed as the Director Of Information in Srinagar.

Belonging to the militancy-hit Kishtwar, Dr Asgar was the first woman from Jammu and Kashmir to qualify the IAS Examination.

“As a female, in our area, it is always security that gets the first preference over education,” Dr Asgar said in an interview after clearing the IAS Examination.[0]=68.ARBCMfngitmxERcazAtL2y1ZE4WIjc6dj6_F6noKqf4ukIFhaG_NDDW-1hhuL_RdMIX3YvF_QT5lrCg65amncIsYCvCB2MAwIh0CoPKAvbpothhO5JCk3pakpA9p1OWKB7V-P5d4t9VdcOYq5ZzdSWMOY6N7NWR_-_GmbvvWfgZh7cmY_QbSvm2rfOY28Ax3CvMfb5pbRw0FXCsssFQ9V9lrCfXTISzWE8HC3St2Mf_aHeZcszqFTMve7nWxU00nYDaJn5X-S5DS4ksSvyDDIE-xfOeuEaAjgs0mLGGNGKIfhFhajLMuKF9KyI-xlsNnN2hUoc-Kto29T1M&__tn__=-R

She has been actively involved in helping people reach out to their loved ones hundreds of kilometres away and connecting them with doctors in the valley ever since the restrictions were put in place in J&K.

Her role initially comprised informing people about the government schemes rolled out, but with the current situation in Jammu and Kashmir, her job involves crisis management and address the grievances of people in the valley.

Dr Asgar, a mother of a one-year-old, is an MBBS who decided to quit her practice in Jammu and appeared for the UPSC Exam.

“As a doctor, I was treating patients. But today, the challenges in the Valley are different. It requires sternness and emotional support at the same time,” Dr Asgar reportedly said. “I am glad that women can change the society,” she added.

Another braveheart, PK Nitya, a 2016 batch IPS Officer, holds the responsibility of monitoring the area between the sensitive stretch of 40 km from Ram Munshi Bagh to Harvan Dagchi Village in the valley. This stretch covers the Dal Lake and the Governor’s residence but also buildings where the Ministers have been detained and put on house arrest.

Nitya, 28, belongs to Chattisgarh and is a trained chemical engineer, who was working as a Manager in a Cement Company.

“Besides securing civilians, I have to oversee the security of VVIPS. Of course, it’s very different from my life in Chattisgarh,” the Sub-divisional Police Officer told the media. “I come from Durg in Chattisgarh, which has always been peaceful. But I love challenges.” Nitya told the media.

At present, Dr Asgar and Nitya are the only two women IAS and IPS officers posted in the Valley.

People across the country are lauding the efforts of the two women officers who are leading by example for all the aspiring women officers in the country.

Both the officers have braved various adversities and difficulties on their path to becoming IAS and IPS officers. With so many odds stacking against them, both the officers have emerged as an inspiration for many.

I want to suggest especially to female aspirants to be patient. This demands a lot of hard work along with patience. If you want a miracle, be a miracle.” Dr Asgar said in the interview.

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