Uttar Pradesh: Farmer Get 1 Paisa As A Loan Relief, More Than 10,000 Get Waiver Of Less Than Rs 100

Published : 19 Sep 2017 1:24 PM GMT
Uttar Pradesh: Farmer Get 1 Paisa As A Loan Relief, More Than 10,000 Get Waiver Of Less Than Rs 100

A farmer from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh was handed over a certificate waiving one paisa of his outstanding farm loan of over Rs 1.5 lakh under Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s much-hyped farmer loan waiver scheme, ‘Krishi Rin Mochan Yojana‘, reported NDTV.

Chiddhi owns a few Bighas of land, and he had taken a crop loan of Rs. 1.55 lakh from the Punjab National Bank about six years ago. He is eligible for Rs. 1 lakh rupee loan waiver under the scheme. The family is at a loss and does not know how to deal with the issue.

These discrepancies in the name of a loan waiver have come after the Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government had launched the farm loan waiver scheme last month and had announced Rs 1 lakh as the upper ceiling for waivers. The project was planned to benefit 87 lakh farmers in the state and cost the exchequer Rs 36,000 crore.

The debt waiver was aimed to help farmers who had suffered losses due to drought, flood etc. in Uttar Pradesh. It would also have helped others whose loans were declared Non-Performing Assets by the banks and were beyond recovery.

However, the meagre amount of money that has been meted out by the government is like adding salt to the wounds of the farmers. They are appalled and disappointed with the functioning of the state government.

The district administration has put the onus on a technical glitch in the system. However, the Aadhar linked bank account for Chiddhi had an outstanding loan interest of one paisa. Hence his name was generated in the system. The officials are now checking if Chiddhi had any other bank account that was not linked by mistake.

In the last few days, the UP government has faced a lot of criticism for handing out loan waiver certificates to farmers for just a few rupees. About 10,000 farmers have received certificates worth a few rupees.

Farmers in Uttar Pradesh’s Hamirpur have been allegedly given loan waiver certificates of Rs 10 and Rs 215 at a function which was presided by state’s labour and employment exchanges minister, Mannu Kori.

Shanti Devi of Umri village received a loan waiver of just Rs 10.37 against a loan of Rs 1.55 lakh whereas Munni Lal of Maudaha village was given a loan waiver certificate of Rs 215 against his loan of Rs 40,000. Out of 45 farmers who were called on stage during the function to receive the documents, many complained of getting these low-value certificates.

Officials have shirked from their responsibility saying that there have been some technical difficulties.

Farmers have been protesting across the country for so many months now; farmer suicides have risen to an abominable level; Tamil Nadu farmers, protesting in Jantar Mantar, have tied a noose around their neck on 18 September on 107th day of protest. In spite of these horrific incidents, the authorities have made a farce out of the entire loan waiver promise. The Logical Indian severely condemns the incident and urges the concerned authorities to look into the matter immediately.

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