Does Trump’s Comment On India’s S-400 Missile Deal With Russia Spell Trouble?

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October 14th, 2018 / 11:33 PM

Trump India Comments S400

Image Credits: Donald Trump/ Wikipedia, Times of India, Vladimir Putin/ Wikipedia

Following the finalisation of the S-400 missile deal between India and Russia, which violates the restrictions by U.S federal law CATSAA, U.S.A President Trump has remarked that India will find out the consequences soon. At a press conference in the White House, Trump said, “I know, India is going to find out,” as quoted by Euronews. Further, on a question of when, he replied, “you will see, sooner than you can think.”

As per CAATSA law, the U.S. has put sanctions on three countries – Russia, North Korea and Iran. Any country across the world who executes any deals with these three nations might have to encounter adverse actions.

What is the S-400 deal?

India has purchased $5 billion worth anti-aircraft weapon system from Russia, known as the S-400. The deal was inked on 6th October 2018, during Vladimir Putin’s visit to India for an annual bilateral meet.

S-400, a medium and long-range missile system for air defence, was first launched in Russia. It can engage up to 36 targets and launch 72 missiles simultaneously, as stated by Economic Times. The features of S-400 includes – “a combat control post, a three-coordinate jam-resistant phased array radar to detect aerial targets, six to eight air defence missile complexes (with up to 12 transporter-launchers, and also a multi-functional four-coordinate illumination and detection radar), a technical support system, a missile transporting vehicles and a training simulator,” read the Economic Times report.

What is CAATSA?

CAATSA (Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act) was a bill passed in U.S. Assembly in 2017 that put sanctions on any person or country dealing with the noted U.S. adversaries Russia, Iran and North Korea. Deals on gas and oil, defence or intelligence sectors with the government of the Russian Federation are strictly restricted as per the law.

The CAATSA was passed in retaliation to Russia’s involvement in Ukraine and Syria, and also the allegation on Russia of poisoning a U.S. Intelligence Officer, according to FirstPostOnly the President of the U.S.A has the power to waive the CAATSA sanction on a country.

The Logical Indian take

In the past few years, India’s relationship with neighbours Pakistan and China have soured to some extent. It is thus essential for India to have a well advanced and well-equipped defence system to avert any unwarranted threats. The missile deal with Russia by the government is appreciated. At the same time on Trump’s sanction, we trust some alternative way can be found.
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Written by : Yusha Rahman (Student, IIJNM)

Edited by : Sayantani Nath

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