Tihar Jail To Get 4G Jammers To Block Use Of Phones By Inmates; Surprise Inspections To Keep A Check
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Tihar Jail To Get 4G Jammers To Block Use Of Phones By Inmates; Surprise Inspections To Keep A Check

With the rampant use of cellphones by inmates at Tihar Jail, the jail authorities have decided to install 4G jammers and block the communication channels between the inmates and their associates outside the jail.

Installation Of 4G Jammers

The jammers fit inside the jail at present are capable of blocking 3G signals and have become ineffective as inmates are known to use 4G SIM cards to make calls and remain in touch with their associates while in jail.

“New jammers were a part of my goal to stop the use of mobile phones in the jail, which has been a major concern for the Delhi Police,” Director General (prisons) Sandeep Goel told The Times Of India.

During a probe, some criminals were found using WiFi inside the jail to make calls.

Earlier this year, a businessman from Rohini received a video call from Tihar inmate Rahul Kala, demanding Rs 50 lakh. The inmate also sent him a picture that he had clicked with Don Neeraj Bawana. Later, the cops traced the call to the jail and submitted a report to the authorities.

More Surprise Inspections

Former Haryana Chief Minister, Om Prakash Chautala was found to possess a mobile phone inside the jail during a search.

“Inmates using mobile phones from the jail premises has been a cause of concern for the police and the jail authorities, which we plan to stop. Apart from having better jammers, we will increase patrolling and ensure that routes through which the mobile phones are sneaked in are plugged,” Goel told the media.

The jammers will be installed at Mandoli and Rohini jails, which have no signal jammers at present. The senior jail authorities have been directed to formulate a plan for procurement and to set up these jammers.

Apart from tracing the mobile phones, the top authorities of the jails have been asked to increase the frequency of surprise inspections.

Additionally, a special team has been formed to check equipment lobbed into the jail premises by the visitors or outsiders.

Multiple cases of criminals sticking parts of mobile phones into rubber balls and lobbying them into the jail have been reported. Many of them use standard SIM cards to make calls and then destroy the cards.

The prison authorities are also expected to coordinate with Delhi Police to monitor calls being made from the jail premises and track the location of the callers.

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