Humanity Fails: Tigress Avni Killed In Maharashtra, Activists Roar Murder

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November 3rd, 2018 / 10:21 PM

Avni Killed

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Avni, the tigress from the Yavatmal region of Maharashtra, who was accused of 13 deaths over the past two years, has been killed. According to NDTV, after nearly three months of launching a search operation, the tigress was cornered and shot dead on Friday night.

The tigress with a death sentence

Avni was first spotted in 2012 and has been blamed for the deaths of 13 people whose bodies were found in the region where she and her two cubs resided. However, according to experts, there was no solid proof that she did all the killings. Only 3 of the bodies underwent forensic analysis, and only one of them tested positive for female tiger DNA while one of the other bodies tested positive for male tiger DNA too. Bombay High-court ordered a shoot-at-sight notice to execute Avni. Citizens came rushing in support of the tigress and started a petition #LetAvniLive, demanding to reverse the death order against the tigress and capture her alive. But, the petitions seemed to have been given no heed.

How did the shootout take place?

For the past three months, a team of 150 people were on the quest to find Avni. They were equipped with all the latest technology to help them in their hunt. Trap cameras, drones were spread across the Tippeshwar Tiger Sanctuary. Sniffer dogs were constantly patrolling with a team of Forest Department officials. Shafat Ali Khan, who is a private marksman was also hired by the forest department to aid the hunt.
According to the police, the tigress was lured in with the help of the urine of another tigress and American perfume which was spread in some part of the compartment number 149 of the Borati forest. A sharp-shooter Asgar Ali, son of a famous hunter Shafat Ali, killed Avni.

An Unnecessary kill?

If the main issue was to neutralise the threat caused by the tigress, it could have been tranquilising and then capture her which would have ensured the safety of her two cubs too, who now have to grow up orphan, and no one to look out for them. According to The Wire, Wildlife activist Jerryl A Banait has deemed this shootout as “ cold-blooded murder,”. PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) have called for this matter to be investigated and treated as a wildlife crime.”Avni was killed Illegally Satisfying a hunter’s lust for blood”, they said.

The Logical Indian Take

We urge the Government to work towards not just protecting humans but also to see that animals are not in danger due to the existence of humans. The conflicts between humans and animals are not because they are entering into our territory but because we are. Govt has to work out methodology so they don’t barge into human habitat


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Written by : Shubham Khairnar (Intern)

Edited by : Ankit Sharma

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