The Terrorist Who Never Was

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March 19th, 2016 / 10:23 AM

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The day that changed his life for the worse
It was a silent night of 20th February 1998. Mohammed Aamir Khan, an 18-year-old boy left his house in Old Delhi at 9 pm. He didn’t know what was coming his way until he was kidnapped by the people in the car. He was  then tied and blindfolded and was forced to sit on the floor of a Maruti Gypsy, later he finds himself in a room filled with 10-12 people who were all dressed as civilians. They started interrogating him and used to torture him when he demanded the location of his whereabouts or when he requested them to let him go home. This painful ordeal went on for a week. This used to happen daily and every time he couldn’t give an answer he was tortured inhumanely. Aamir didn’t know at the time that who were those people and why did they abduct him. After 5-6 days he was asked to sign on a bunch of blank paper. He was again tortured when he refused to do so. His nails were pulled out and was tortured in different other methods until he didn’t give up. After days of torturing, he finally came to know the identity of the people and the reason behind he being picked up. The policemen had picked Aamir on the charge of being the prime conspirator of the 1996-1997 blasts, which shook the nation to the core. In prison, despite the torture, he decided to continue his studies.


Brutal ordeal continues

In the year 2000 after being put in a solitary confinement where he did not have any access to light or outside world and hence had to leave his studies. In the year 2007, he was transferred from Delhi to Ghaziabad, where no lawyer was ready to take his case and fight up for him before he finally got a lawyer from the Human Rights and filed for bail. At the time of hearing they had 15 witnesses, all had denied any accusations made against Aamir. In the year 2010, 15 out of 17 charges were dropped against him and in the year 2012, he was finally acquitted. Mohammed Aamir Khan, who had spent 14 years of his life, finally was a free man. Even after spending such a long time in jail and being a victim of false charges Aamir had reposed his faith in the Judicial system of the country. Mohammed Aamir now works as an NGO activist, is married and has a one-year-old child. He recently launched his book, “Framed as a terrorist”, in which he has narrated his experiences in Jail.

A record to forget 

According to the reports made by National Crime Bureau Records of India in the year 2013, 66.2% of total inmates in India were being held in the prison without a trial. According to those reports, a total of 2 Lakhs 54 Thousand 8 Hundred and Fifty Seven are under trial prisoners in our country. The number of acquittals after being arrested in the wake of any terrorist attacks as in the case of Aamir khan is reflective of the arbitrariness of the arrests.

The Logical Indian appeals to the government to bring about mechanisms of speedy trials for the incarcerated people awaiting trials besides false arrests severely dents the credibility besides subjects the citizens to tremendous fear. Proper arrests, free and fair trial and upholding the rule of law are important aspects of democracy that should be strengthened by the government and administration.


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