Tamil Nadu: Police Detain 3 Suspected ISIS Supporters Who Planned To Carry Out Terror Attacks In The City

Police detained three suspected ISIS supporters for interrogation in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore on June 13, who were allegedly conspiring to carry out attacks in the city. This comes a day after the terror outfit’s Tamil Nadu module mastermind was arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

According to police, searches were carried out at the houses of Mohamed Hussain, Shahjahan and Sheik Safiullah, and “incriminating” documents and digital devices have been seized.

“The three persons are being interrogated regarding the incriminating materials seized during the search,” NDTV quoted a police release as saying.

Among the seized documents are cellphones, SIM cards, computer hard disks, bank account documents, pen drives, and memory cards.

Azarudeen, Facebook Friend Of Sri Lanka Bombings Mastermind

Police carried out the searches against the three after they received information that they were “staunch supporters” of ISIS. On social media, they have been propagating the ideology of the terrorist organization.

In fact, they were also supporters of the mastermind of the Sri Lanka Easter Sunday bombings. They had praised the suicide bomber’s acts besides plotting a conspiracy to stage terror attacks.

A case under section 18, 38 and 39 of Unlawful Activities Prevention Act 1967 has been registered against the three accused.

Raids were carried out at seven locations by the National Investigation Agency on June 12, and Mohammed Azarudeen was arrested. He was a Facebook friend of Hashim.

The searches found 14 mobile phones, 29 SIM cards, several incriminating documents and a few pamphlets of Popular Front of India and Social Democratic of India.

According to information received by NIA, the accused were propagating to recruit vulnerable youth to carry out a number of terror attacks in South India, especially in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The leader of the module, Azarudeen maintained a Facebook page ”KhilafahGFX”, through which he had been propagating the ISIS’s ideologies. Over the social media, members of the module were sharing radical contents attributed to Hashim.

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