Bahubali Shahabuddin Gets Bail While Parents Of The Victims Struggle To Meet Their Ends

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March 11th, 2016 / 4:44 PM

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The Patna High Court on 2nd March granted bail to former Rashtriya Janata Dal MP and strongman Mohammad Shahabuddin in connection with the famous double murder and kidnapping that took place 12 years ago in 2004 in Siwan.

After hearing the bail petition, the court bench headed by Justice Anjana Prakash and Justice Rajendra Kumar granted bail to the former MP in the case of want for evidence. Despite bail, Shahabuddin will remain in jail due to his involvement in other criminal cases.

Plight Of The Parents Of The Victims And Their Struggle For Justice

Chandrakeshwar and Kalawati Devi, the parents of the victims, stayed away from the court proceedings because of security reasons. The couple’s eldest son Rajiv Roshan (36), who was an eyewitness to the murder of his two brothers, was shot dead on June 16, 2014, three days before he was to appear as a witness.

Shahabuddin’s son Osama has also been charged with the killing of a local BJP leader Rajiv Roshan, who was a witness in the murder case of the brothers.

Chanda Babu who lost his three sons for standing up against the might of Shahabuddin, stays with his wife Kalawati Devi and differently-abled son Nitish Raj (26) in Siwan, said they were not satisfied with the life sentence awarded to Shahabuddin and was expecting a death penalty.

He nearly lost everything in his fight to redeem justice for his sons. Chanda Babu is not only devoid of justice but is also struggling financially. There are no bread earners in the family and is compelled to live on the course of fate. His wife Kalawati Devi said they had thought of leaving Siwan several times but had nowhere else to go.

Mohammad Shahabuddin- A Hardcore Criminal

Shahabuddin has been languishing in jail for several years in connection with many serious criminal cases including criminal conspiracy, kidnapping and murders. He faces about 20 cases.

The special court in Siwan district convicted Shahabuddin and sentenced him life imprisonment in a 2004 double murder case on 11 December 2015. He and his men were charged with abduction of the sons of a businessman Satish Raj (25) and Girish Raj (20) and killing them on August 16, 2004. They were drenched in the acid bath before killing. The others convicted with him are Shekh Aslam, Shekh Arif and Rajkumar Sah.

Shahabuddin was viewed by most people in Siwan as a synonym of  terror. Few dared to oppose him. Some of them who did ended up dead, increasing his reputation as a man who could not be meddled with.

Is Jungleraj Raising Its Head Again In Bihar?

With the bail being granted to the “Bahubali”, Shahabuddin is expected to again turn out to be a menace to the society. The Logical Indian wants to highlight the plight of the Chanda Babu and his family suffering from the atrocities of the strongman. There are thousands of people like him who are oppressed by the strongman. Their only fault is that they stand against them and had to pay for that with the loss of their own lives.

If the Bahubalis are set to walk free on the streets of Bihar, the same lawlessness is set to prevail as it was back in 90’s and early 2000’s. We urge the administration to take action against the ubiquitous muscle powered Bahubali leaders who have made the life of the common citizens like hell. It is disheartening that these elected leaders mould the laws in their own structure and walk free despite committing heinous crimes. We hope that the days are not far when we can again see a peaceful country with the Bahubali’s behind bars and justice would triumph.



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