Mumbai: 8 Schoolboys Suspended For Violent, Sexually Explicit Whatsapp Chat About Female Classmates

A “top-ranked IB [International Board] school” have suspended eight of its students for a WhatsApp group chat where they referred their female classmates as ‘trash’ and made violent sexual comments.

The boys are aged 13-14 talked about “banging” and “raping” their girl classmates and body-shamed them using homophobic slurs. According to the chats, the eight suspended boys discussed their preferences of their female classmates for ‘one night’, although, the conversation was mainly around two girl classmates.

According to Mirror Now News, the horrific incident came to light when the parents of two girls accessed the conversation and reported it to school authorities. Some girls had also stopped attending school saying they were too scared. When the mothers of girls talked to their classmates they revealed that a group of eight boy students were responsible for the situation.

“We must trust the school will take care of it. There is no need to go beyond the school to take care of the situation.” one of the parents said. “It is shocking as some of the boys were in leadership positions. I think what the children need is serious counselling,” another parent said.

One of the parents also said some of the students in the conversation were in “leadership positions”. After the news went viral on social media, netizens were left aghast with the shocking incident.

“This is terrible news,” a user tweeted. “This is where the problem of violence against women has to be nipped,” another tweet read.

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