Hindutva Groups Call For A Rally In Support Of A Murderer, Halt The Lives Of 42 Lakh People

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December 14th, 2017


Courtesy: The Indian Express

A man kills another in broad daylight because of his faith. He uploads a video of the brutal murder – one that rattles even the bravest.

He is taken into custody by the police.

This murderer has an immense following. There are social media groups supporting his cause and echoing what he believes – Hindus are oppressed in Hindu-stan by ‘Jihadis’.

Police in Rajsamand, Rajasthan have frozen a bank with nearly Rs 3 lakh “collected in the name” of Shambhulal Regar, the man who killed a Muslim labourer from West Bengal, burned his body and broadcasted videos of the brutal murder.

Police officers told The Indian Express that the money was donated by 516 people from every single state in the country. The account was being operated in the name of Regar’s wife, Sita.

“During preliminary investigation, we came to know that 516 people donated varying sums to the account. There is not a single state in the country from where donations haven’t been received. A substantial portion of the money was transferred through Internet banking,” said Rajendra Singh Rao, circle officer, Rajsamand.

The police have arrested two businessmen for allegedly circulating images on social media of receipts acknowledging their donations to the account. Following an alert message, the police crackdown discovered a message being circulated on social media that included details of bank account, and an appeal seeking donations for Regar’s family.

The Logical Indian had written an article on the role social media played in indoctrinating Regar. The article mentioned that a Whatsapp group which goes by the name ‘Clean India, Clean Rajsamand’ is full of praises for Regar and commends his deed. This group too encouraged people to make donations and stand in support of the murderer.  

“We have frozen the bank account in which money was being collected in the name of Regar. Around Rs 3 lakh was deposited before the account was frozen… We will investigate those who deposited the money to check for any links with the accused,” said Anand Shrivastava, IG, Udaipur Range.

Two businessmen, Prakash Singh and Dinesh Singh, were arrested under Section 151 of CrPC (preventive custody) for circulating images of their deposit receipts.

“The two circulated pictures of their receipts on social media after depositing money in the account. When we summoned them to the station, they misbehaved with police,” said Gyanendra Singh, station house officer, Bhim station, Rajsamand, per

Internet shutdown, curfew imposed to stop a rally supporting Shambhulal

In Rajsamand and its neighbouring district of Udaipur, the police have imposed Section 144 of CrPC (unlawful assembly) and suspended the internet – both the districts have a combined population of over 42 lakh. There were reports that Hindutva groups were planning a rally today, December 14, in support of Regar.

The Udaipur police issued a notice yesterday at 8 pm that the prohibitions will continue for 24 hours. 2G/3G/4G aata, internet services, bulk sms/MMS/WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social media services have all been suspended.

In its note, the Udaipur police also asked citizens to stay vigilant and inform the police if someone breaks the law.

Udaipur IG Srivastava told The Logical Indian that such measures had to be taken to halt the spread of communal tension in the area.

The police have arrested the person responsible for announcing the rally and have seized the account where Rs 2,75,000 was donated for Regar.

Another right-wing fundamentalist, Updesh Rana, was stopped to enter Udaipur in support of the rally. Rana is known for spreading extreme Hindutva views on social media.

In a Facebook live, he expresses his support for Shambhulal and condemns the police for stopping him to enter Udaipur.

He says, “What is my fault? My fault is that I raised my voice in support of a family, one of whose members (Shambhulal Regar) is in police custody. He is innocent until proven guilty. I know all laws and the Constitution very well. I’m not an illiterate person. The only thing I wanted to do was visit Shambhu’s family in Udaipur.”

“I know the what is happening in the land of Mewar’s lions, Rajasthan. There have been chants like – ‘Hindustan mein rehna hoga toh Allah-o-Akbar kehna hoga’ (If you want to stay in India, you have to chat Allah-o-Akbar). I want to ask the government, how many people were arrested for saying this in the motherland of Udaipur?” Rana continues.

There are nearly 40,000 shares of his live video with several people coming out in support via comments.

It is disheartening to witness the state of affairs in India – a country built on the cornerstone of secularism. After nearly 70 years of Independence, the country is divided and intolerant toward its minority classes. It is appalling that hundreds of people from across the nation are coming out in support of a man who killed someone so mercilessly that his body was unrecognizable even to his family.

The lies and fake news being perpetrated on social media by those with vested short-term selfish interests have set the country back by decades. It is essential that we do not give in to such petty politics and believe whatever is thrown at us.

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