Bengaluru: Cops Crack Whip On 107 Pubs, Serve Notices For Playing Loud Music

Published : 30 Aug 2019 12:30 PM GMT
Bengaluru: Cops Crack Whip On 107 Pubs, Serve Notices For Playing Loud Music

In the pub capital of the country – Bengaluru, police have served show-cause notice to 107 of the pubs and discotheques for running live music and discos without a permit.

The crackdown came after the police received multiple complaints from residents of several neighbourhoods about loud music being played at the pubs with some of them hosting illegal activities. One of the senior police officials told The Hindu that people staying near pubs are worried about their safety as the presence of party-goers late at night outside their homes as there were multiple cases of drunken brawls.

A statement released by the office of the police commissioner said that pubs haven been running live music and discos without prior permission which is a violation of the Licensing of Places of Public Entertainment Order 2005.

“We are following the Supreme Court order. However, I’m not aware if the other commissioners had raided the pubs,” Bhaskar Rao, Bengaluru City police commissioner was quoted by The Times Of India.

However, the release further clarified that pubs can serve food but without live music or discotheques.

The latest incident has upset a lot of pub owners who believe that frequent raids in pubs have adversely affected the city’s nightlife. A pub owner told the national daily that pubs have become a soft target for cops. Drawing comparison to other places where loud music are played he said, “ Many other places – party halls and flea markets too play loud music. Instead, cops target us.”

Another pub owner said that many commercial establishments and houses are allowed to host parties with blaring music. The pub-hoppers too expressed their disappointment on the move. Riansh Kapoor, a regular pub-goer told The New Indian Express that music sub-culture is functioning in every corner of the city. However, the cops have been raiding heavily on all kinds of live performances. “This is very upsetting,” he added.

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