Karnataka Professor Made To Kneel Down & Apologize By ABVP For Criticising BJP After IAF Air Strikes
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Karnataka Professor Made To Kneel Down & Apologize By ABVP For Criticising BJP After IAF Air Strikes

On February 2, an engineering college professor was made to kneel down and apologize for criticising the BJP led central government on his Facebook posts. In the now deleted posts, the professor had criticized the government for creating hysteria following the Indian Air Strikes. He had also allegedly praised Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. “Who sounds more intelligent in all this? You…bhakts. You will [be] the reason for the destruction of millions of lives if this tension escalates. BJP…absolutely zero shame,” he said in one of the posts.

Forced to kneel down and apologize

The assistant professor of Dr PG Halakatti College of Engineering and Technology, Vijaypura district, Karnataka was forced to apologize allegedly by the workers of ABVP and BJP. As reported by The Indian Express, the ABVP and BJP activists had demanded the said professor’s suspension after his critique of the BJP government at the centre. BJP spokesperson Vivek Reddy said that the professor’s posts were an attempt to break the country’s unity and praise an enemy country. In the video, the professor can be heard saying, “I won’t repeat it in future, forgive me for my Facebook post.”

Notably, the ABVP and BJP activists involved have not lodged any complaint with the police. The Superintendent of Police Prakash Nikam told The New Indian Express that he has directed the Deputy Superintendent of police to investigate the matter and submit a report.

The principal of the college Prof VP Huggi said that the professor has not been suspended as of now and the final call would be taken on March 5, when the college reopens. He further added, “The professor has switched off his phone and is unreachable. We will issue orders on Tuesday.”

The Logical Indian Take

This is not the first time that the ABVP workers have created a ruckus. In a Gujarat college, a professor had to retort to Gandhigiri and touch feet of the ABVP activists when he levied an accusation of him being an anti-nationalist. In another horrific and shameful incident, members of the ABVP assaulted a professor of a University in Gujarat, blackened his face and paraded him in the college for an alleged discrepancy in the university electoral rolls. Last year too, in protest of inviting Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid at an event held at the Ramjas college, ABVP workers locked down the seminar hall and pelted stones at students.

Those who harass teachers are no less than goons who believe that they can threaten, assault and humiliate anybody and even get away with it. Their confidence is not misplaced though, given that these incidents are a common occurrence. Are the authorities so tied down that they can’t even protect the students’ and teachers’ dignity?

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