Acche Din For Railway Employees! Government Announces 78-Day Wage Bonus
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Acche Din For Railway Employees! Government Announces 78-Day Wage Bonus

This festive season the Railways’ joy will be doubled as the government has announced a 78-day wage as a bonus for the 11 lakh railway employees.

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar told the decision at a press conference following a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday. The minister said, that this bonus is “a reward for productivity” and it will boost the morale of the Indian Railways which employs the maximum number of people in the world.

“For 11 lakh Railways’ employees, this govt has consistently for the last six years, been giving record bonus, equivalent to the wage of 78 days. This year also, 11,52,000 employees will get 78 days of wage as a bonus. This bonus will cost the government exchequer a cost of 2024.40 crores,” said Javadekar, adding that the bonus is aimed at acknowledging the efforts of railways operations and its efficiency.

The bonus will be given to all the non-gazetted employees for the financial year 2018-19 according to the official statement. However, the Railways Protection Force(RPF) and the Railways Protection Special Force (RPSF) employees will not be a part of this bonus.

The government introduced the Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB) in the Railway Department for the first time in the year 1979-80. The government started the scheme because of the massive infrastructural support railways provide to the country. Railways, as a transport system always play a major role in the performance of any economy. Later, there were modifications done to the concept in consultation with the railway federations.

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