Rajasthan: 19-Yr-Old Pregnant Woman Gang-Raped, Foetus Dies

Published : 14 Aug 2019 7:11 AM GMT
Rajasthan: 19-Yr-Old Pregnant Woman Gang-Raped, Foetus Dies

Banswara district in Rajasthan was left in shock after a 19-year-old pregnant woman’s gang rape came to light while her boyfriend’s suicide case was being investigated.

According to the police, the couple were riding back home when they were attacked by three goons who thrashed the boy with iron rods and swords. They kept hitting him till he passed out and also looted his mobile phone.

The eight-weeks pregnant woman was then dragged to a stranded bus stand where she was allegedly gang-raped by three men. The three accused then took her to another spot, called two other friends and raped her again. The woman was abandoned and left on the road. Unable to save her, the survivor’s boyfriend when regained consciousness allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself to a tree.

The ferocity of crime was such that it led to the death of the foetus and she had to undergo medical termination of pregnancy. The Police, during the probe, managed to arrest one of the accused. While checking the accused’s mobile, they got a whiff of the gangrape.

According to the Police, the incident took place on July 13 and the girl did not file any complaint against gangrape. After three weeks, when the police recovered the boy’s phone, they saw multiple calls made by gangrape survivor. The contact details helped them reach the girl.

After this, five accused-Sunil Charpota, Vikas, Naresh Gurjar, Vijay and Jitendra Charpota, were arrested. Notably, Sunil Charpota has a criminal record and carried a reward of Rs 5,000 on him.

The Logical Indian Take

The gruesome detail of the heinous crime is enough to run shivers down one’s spine. To call them just criminals is not enough and their act is nothing short of monstrosity.

Reports of rape incidents are a daily affair in India. So much so that it has been merely reduced to statistics. In 2018, the Reuter’s India was ranked first in the list world’s most dangerous countries for women.

The statistics also puts a question mark on the government’s efforts to curb crime against woman. While maintaining law and order is the government’s job, but the real problem lies in the deep-rooted structures of the Indian society where women face discrimination on several fronts.

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