Afraid Of Stigma, Unmarried Pregnant Woman & Child Dies After Giving Birth While Watching YouTube Videos

Published : 13 March 2019 12:10 PM GMT
Afraid Of Stigma, Unmarried Pregnant Woman & Child Dies After Giving Birth While Watching YouTube Videos

A 26-year-old unmarried pregnant woman attempted to deliver her own child while watching a YouTube video in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur, both the mother and her baby did not survive, the police said on March 11.

Hindustan Times reported that the incident took place in the city’s Bilandpur area, under Cantonment police station. Station house officer (SHO), Cantonment, Ravi Rai said that the woman might have taken the extreme step over the stigma of being an unmarried pregnant woman.

Ravi Rai said that the matter came to fore after the neighbours of the woman informed their landlord about blood coming out of the apartment. “Her landlord Ravi Upadhyay broke open the door and found the woman and a newborn baby boy lying dead. He immediately informed the police, who reached the site and sent the body for post-mortem. Her smartphone revealed that she was watching ‘how to deliver a baby by self’ and other similar safe delivery processes on YouTube,” Rai said.

A scissor, blade and some thread were found near the bodies. Police have confirmed that the woman rented the flat that she was found in. She rented it four days before her delivery. The landlord asked for her Aadhaar card and confirmed the room to her. She apparently told the landlord that her mother will come to assist with the delivery.

“Prima facie it appeared that she tried to give birth by watching YouTube. After post-mortem, her body was handed over to family members who have refused to lodge FIR against anybody,” Rai further said.

The Logical Indian take

Being an unmarried pregnant woman comes with a lot of stigma and taboos. Society terms unmarried pregnant women as characterless. They are often discriminated against. While the situation is getting better for educated and privileged women, the ones who are underprivileged are afraid and scared.

Many times they are forced to abandon their babies fearing repercussions. Sometimes they die while trying to get an abortion done. Last year, a report claimed that 13 women die every day in India because of botched abortions.

It is time we teach our women and the society that it is okay to have a child whenever they are ready mentally and physically than for the sake of. You’re married and do not want to be pregnant? That’s not wrong. Having a child should be the choice of the mother and not society’s. If we don’t educate ourselves and the masses now, then many more women will lose their lives like this.

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