Captured IAF Wg Cdr Abhinandan To Return Home, Pak PM’s ‘Peace Gesture’ Appreciated By Indians

Published : 28 Feb 2019 2:38 PM GMT
Captured IAF Wg Cdr Abhinandan To Return Home, Pak PM’s ‘Peace Gesture’ Appreciated By Indians

Amid the escalating tensions between India and Pakistan with a new turn of events reported almost every second, Pakistan PM Imran Khan has reiterated his peace stance towards India by announcing the release of captured Indian Air Force (IAF) Wing Commander Abhinandan on Thursday afternoon. Terming the step as a ‘peace gesture’, the Pak PM declared in parliament that the captive Indian Wing Commander will be released from Pak army custody on Friday, reported ANI.

Khan made the announcement during a joint session at the Pakistan National Assembly and it was received with applaud from the attending parliamentarians.

While his Indian counterpart PM Narendra Modi is yet to issue an official statement regarding the top IAF official’s capture and the subsequent decision of release, it must be remembered here that yesterday in a press conference Imran Khan had presented the option of a peace dialogue between the two contending nations.

Abhinandan Varthaman was captured after his jet crashed

On Wednesday, IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was held by Pakistan Army after he accidentally landed in Pakistan side of the Line of Control (LoC) after his MiG-21 jet crashed due to a mid-air technical glitch, killing six other IAF officials. Abhinandan was discovered in a bruising state by a mob of locals who immediately launched a physical attack on him until Pak army officials escorted him.

Later, a video was released by the Radio Pakistan. This video purportedly shows captured Indian Air Force pilot. The video shows him to be blindfolded with his hands tied behind. Upon being prompted the alleged captured pilot introduces himself as Abhinandan and gives his service number. He also further says that he is a flying pilot and that his religion is Hindu. When prompted to give further information, the pilot says that he cannot reveal any more information. He asks whether he is with the Pakistani Army, to which a reply is rendered, “yes”. The authenticity of the video remains to be ascertained. Much later, another video surfaced on social media where Abhinandan was seen having a conversation over tea with a Pakistan army official at the other end of the camera. Abhinandan asserted in that video that he has received good treatment from the Pakistan army. He held his calm and politely refused to divulge any personal information about himself despite being repeatedly enquired.

Abhinandan’s bravery was admired by the netizens who termed him a true, firebrand patriot. Soon, the appeal to #BringBackAbhinandan started trending on Twitter alongside #SayNoToWar, the peacemaking campaign initiated by rational-minded citizens from both sides of the border.

Twitter reacts to Pak PM’s decision

Khan’s decision is being lauded by Indian and Pakistani citizens alike who are welcoming the promptness with which he perfectly displayed diplomacy, a necessary step at this juncture. Veteran Indian journalists and media houses are expressing their appreciation for the Pak PM on social media, while commoners are joining in to recognise the act.

In fact, Imran Khan’s party PTI has floated the hashtag #PakistanLeadsWithPeace on Twitter.

Meanwhile, some Indians are bringing up the topic of captive Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav in this context, who is still in Pak custody.

However, the Pak PM’s diplomatic measure is also raising a lot of relevant questions among Indians, who are clearly divided in their reaction. While one section of Indians is stepping forward with the appreciation for the peace gesture and urging the Indian government to retaliate the same, another section is fixated on branding the step as a ‘surrender’ on Pakistan’s part.

Amid celebrations all over India, we eagerly anticipate the return of India’s brave son Abhinandan.

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