Pakistan Air Controller Saves The Day! Guides Indian Flight After Pilot Sounds 'Mayday' Alert

Published : 18 Nov 2019 12:42 PM GMT
Pakistan Air Controller Saves The Day! Guides Indian Flight After Pilot Sounds

Amid acute political tensions prevailing between India and Pakistan, an air traffic controller in Pakistan on November 14, saved 150 lives by guiding a Muscat bound Jaipur flight through bad weather.

According to media reports, the international flight carrying almost 150 passengers was cruising over the Karachi region when it found itself in the middle of abnormal weather with frequent lighting, which could have led to an accident.

After the lighting strikes, the pilot descended aircraft to 34,000 feet from a usual altitude of 36,000 feet. These caused the pilot to initiate emergency protocol and broadcast – ‘Mayday’ to nearby stations.

The air traffic controller from Pakistan was the first one to respond to the emergency call. The air traffic controller guided the plane through the harsh weather conditions for the remaining journey in the Pakistani airspace.

According to the aviation authority, the plane encountered severe weather when it entered the Chor area of the southern province of Sindh. It has been more than a month that Pakistan has shut down its airspace for Indian protest in retaliation to abrogation of Article 370.

Pakistan had denied India’s request to allow Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s VVIP flight to use its airspace for his visit to Saudi Arabia over the Kashmir issue last month.

The netizens hailed the latest move by the Pakistan air controller from both the side of LoC.

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