How RummyCircle Captures Our Interest with Its Skill Based Games

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June 21st, 2019 / 6:55 PM

The gaming world of India stands as a billion dollar market and is all set to lead this space, making the player the absolute winner. The online gaming market crossed $290 Mn in 2017 and it would also cross the $1 Bn marks by 2021. Yes, this is a world that has undergone a revolution in itself and it’s the choice of the players that are making a complete difference.

If we talk about the driving factors, it is not one but multiple. There are of course the penetration of internet and affordable smartphones. But what also made a significant contribution is the presence of online gaming players like RummyCircle, Games2Win and others. Whether it is fantasy games or popular card games like rummy online, the options available to the player today is far faster as it is perhaps four years back. Players have moved from PCs to mobiles and the game quality or the experience has not been compromised. Players now live and play ‘on the go’ and the choice of games also proportionate out with it.

A New Class of Games

The interesting thing that we have seen with everything else that’s happening in the game zone is the coming up of a new class of games known as Real Money Games (RMG). There are these different online gaming platforms that offer games like rummy, and fantasy sports among others. The prizes are real cash. Further, these online games that give players the opportunity to win cash are absolutely legal to play in India. Players use their skills and the smarter you are with the game, the more you win.

The online gaming world is far from saturation, in fact, it is just beginning to grow. Real Money Games have gained popularity quite recently. Players can play these games by paying a small registration fee. You need some amount of skill along with the knowledge about the game and just get started. Popular games like cricket that drives fantasy cricket and rummy that has its online avatar as well, needs no introduction.

RummyCircle is one such platform that has successfully redefined skill based RMG in India.  Running strong with over 10 million players, it has introduced the popular card game rummy in the digital world. The players can go for a rummy download and play the game exactly in the same way, they have done in the offline world. These games are simple, can be played on mobiles and are quick. So, it completely fits the ‘play on the go’ concept of today’s players.

The USP of RummyCircle

What sets RummyCircle apart from the other RMG providers is the personalized experience. The company works intensively on understanding the player. What the player wants, what makes the game play comfortable for him, and his preferred choice of games. RummyCircle has answers for all these questions and for each player. Every player when he is on the platform has an experience that he can relate to. He sees tournaments that he prefers with clubs and levels created to match the skill set of players on the platform.

Players can come and play any time they want. Of course, the platform is completely secure and offers the biggest of rummy tournaments in the industry. This works like a win-win situation for any player.

Games Step Up

Players are coming from different income groups and demographics. With technology innovation, games have now fit into our palm size smartphones. What it means is, we enjoy the game in that limited space without straining our eyes to keep a track of the content. Performance and technology act like the two pillars of the games and they blend in perfectly with our devices. Over 50% of the gamers want their PCs to balance both everyday computing requirements and also match up the gaming performance. On the parallel side, the gaming world has evolved as well. Players are connecting through gaming and take it more than just time out zone. Games now mean empowerment. It gives value to a player, where his skills give him the chance to participate in countrywide tournaments, big cash prizes and get recognition in the world of online games.

With the demand for new and innovative games growing, this industry will continue to evolve. Technological innovation will take forward games to improved performance, AR and VR and live to stream, making it a common scenario. What India can expect in the coming years are further challenging games that not only take the players to the next level but also step up the entire game-play, giving players much more than their expectations. Gaming in India has entered a golden era and it’s just the beginning.



Written by : Mohit Rai

Edited by : Apurwa Shrivastava

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