Bengaluru: Four Passengers Rob & Kidnap Ola Driver, Force Wife To Strip On Video Call

Published : 4 Dec 2018 10:25 AM GMT
Bengaluru: Four Passengers Rob & Kidnap Ola Driver, Force Wife To Strip On Video CallImage Credits: ApnLive�(Representational)

Ola Cab driver Somshekhar experienced the nightmare of his life after he received a booking from Bengaluru’s Audugodi to Dommsandra. Little did the Ola driver know that it would cost him and his partner dearly. According to India Today, four unidentified men boarded Somshekhar’s cab and not only abducted him but also attacked him physically by robbing him and forcing his wife to strip on a video call, where they took screenshots. The ordeal reportedly took place on November 30.

Attacked at a secluded place

The incident occurred at the time when Somshekhar was assigned to pick up the passengers from their destination at 10.20 pm. Few minutes from reaching their destination, the perpetrators asked the driver to move further towards their home. However, they reached a secluded place, where the four unidentified men pounced on Somshekar, thrashed him and also snatched his car keys away.

The driver said that he was forced to drive for around 100 km. Later on, the driver was tied to the back seat of the car. “Seeing that I had only Rs 9,009 in my online wallet, the gang forced me to call my nephew to ask him to transfer more money to my account,” the cabbie told The New Indian Express and also added that his nephew transferred Rs 22,000, after which they withdrew money from ATM and continued to move towards Mysore and booked a lodge in Chanapatna in Ramnagara district on the morning of December 1, where he was locked up for around five hours. His woes did not end there.

Cabbie was forced to video call his wife

The 38-year-old cabbie was forced to video call his wife, where the miscreants asked his consort to strip. Reportedly, they threatened to kill the cabbie if his wife refused to strip. Left with no other choice, the wife had to strip on the video call, where they took screenshots. Moreover, the miscreants had threatened Somshekhar that they would circulate his wife pictures on social media if he did not meet up to their demands. The video call lasted for around 30 minutes.

Reportedly, on the pretext of going to the restroom, the cabbie escaped from the four assailants and went to Chanpatna Police Station where he narrated the incident. Reportedly, when the policemen reached the spot, the men had fled. A case was registered at the Adugodi Police Station. When The Logical Indian contacted the Adugodi Police station, the police officials said, “The driver has lodged a complaint and the investigation is on the process, and they are yet to find the culprits.” By the time the police arrived,

Ola’s statement

An Ola spokesperson told The Logical Indian, “This is a regrettable incident, and we deeply regret the harrowing experience the driver-partner and his family have allegedly been put through. We strongly condemn such acts of assault and have blacklisted the customer’s Ola account immediately on the complaint has been registered with us. We are in touch with the driver-partner to extend support to him and have been assisting the investigating authorities with all necessary information. We hold our driver-partners in high regard for the work they do as entrepreneurs and stand by them against humiliation or intimidation of any kind.” And also added that they have 24 /7 Partner Care and walk-in centres for the driver, who can keep in contact with them.

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