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Odisha: Stigma Around COVID-19 Forces 30-Yr-Old Man To Quarantine In Car

Madhaba Patra was forced to quarantine in his car even after he showed his clearance certificate and negative test reports to the villagers in Dolaba.

In a shocking incident, a 30-year-old man of Dolaba village in Odisha's Berhampur was forced to remain in quarantine inside his car. The man, identified as Madhaba Patra was subjected to the social stigma surrounding COVID-19.

Patra, a videographer, reached Bihar on May 3 and returned after three days. Before reaching Odisha, he registered his name in the returnee list and also informed the Collector about his return.

Since he had no symptoms of coronavirus, Patra was allowed to stay in home quarantine in Berhampur as per norms.

After completing the 14-day quarantine period, he received his clearance papers from the authorities concerned and left for Dolaba in his car. A few minutes after he reached, villagers including the husband of local anganwadi worker reached his residence and told him to remain in quarantine.

The villagers refused to pay heed to the clearance certificate and the negative test reports. The man then informed the local police station and showed them his papers. The police officials allowed Patra to stay in his home calling the incident a misunderstanding.

The next day, Patra's father indulged in a heated argument with the anganwadi worker's husband and some of his friends. On being informed, Patra reached the spot.

The anganwadi worker's husband and his friends then took up the matter with Dolaba sarpanch who told Patra to stay in the nearby quarantine centre.

Patra, however, said that he would stay in his car on the premises of the quarantine centre. He has been staying inside his car since May 21.

"I informed the matter to the local authorities but no avail. Since there is a risk of contracting the infection in institutional quarantine where many migrant workers are housed, I decided to stay in my car. I hope the administration intervenes and saves me from this predicament," Patra narrated his ordeal.

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