Rajasthan: Muslim Inmate Allegedly Beaten To Death By Guards; Investigation Underway
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Rajasthan: Muslim Inmate Allegedly Beaten To Death By Guards; Investigation Underway

An inmate, who was undergoing treatment at a government hospital was found dead on April 26 night at New Medical College Hospital (NMCH) in Kota. Family alleged that he was beaten to death by police guards which police have denied.

Mohammad Ramzan, who was jailed in Baran jail in Rajasthan was earlier serving four years of jail, however, later his sentence was brought down by two years after he moved the high court. When he was admitted to the Baran jail, his medical report showcased serious health condition and he was assured treatment.

What happened?

The family of 52-year-old alleged that he was killed after the police guard beat him to death, reported The Wire. The family also produced a video which his son had shot when they met him on April 21. On April 20, Ramzan who was already suffering from liver impairment had to be admitted to SMS hospital and was later referred to NMCH. Ramzan’s family was informed that he had fractured his leg. The other inmates to whom police spoke said that Ramzan’s slipped his leg on his own urine in the hospital, thus causing fracturing his leg.

However, the narrative completely changed, when the family met him. He said that the guard had beaten him up with a pipe at least eight times. He further said that if he spoke more, then they would beat him more. His son in a video captured all these allegations. The guards, after Ramzan’s son, threatened them with a complaint, refused to let the family meet him.

Ramzan’s son allegation

Rizwan, son of Ramzan, told The Wire that his father during their last meet had said that the guards didn’t carry him out for toilet when he sought their help. As he was unable to go out, he had to urinate on the bed, and the guards would beat him up for spoiling the bed sheet. The family also claimed that the guards used to abuse Ramzan based on his religion. The family alleged that he was not allowed to his religious cap and even barred from reading Namaz. Rizwan further alleged that the guards used to mock the family on their appearance whenever they used to visit their father. He also said that the guards would ask for Rs 500 from the family every time to let them meet. He also said that when the family did not agree to bribe the guards, they became more violent and thrashed Ramzan more.

What did the official say?

The officials said that the family is furious because there was a lapse in Ramzan’s treatment and the guards behaved severely. One of the senior police officials under anonymity said that doctors at SMS had already given up on Ramzan and had asked him to be taken to the Kota medical college for better treatment. He further acknowledged that guards could be rude but beating up is far fetched. As of now, an FIR has been lodged against these four police guards who were on duty in SMS hospital and at New Medical College Hospital in Kota. A judicial inquiry has been initiated, and all the four police guards have been suspended.

The jail authorities have denied any responsibility and said that guards were under Rajasthan police and not under them. Suman Maliwal, superintendent at Kota central jail told that whatever happened with Ramzan happened at the hospital and not in prison.

The Logical Indian take

The People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) has written to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) seeking a fair inquiry and compensation to Ramzan’s family. The letter questioned the human rights violations of minorities present inside the correctional institutes. This is not the first time something like this has happened, two months ago a Pakistani prisoner who was serving his life sentence in Jaipur central jail was stoned to death by a flock of fellow inmates. The Rajasthan government led by Congress need to ensure that a proper inquiry is done and culprits are punished. If police don’t follow the law and violates human rights of those imprisoned, how a common citizen can trust the police and the government.

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