Congress MLA, Who Poured Mud Over Engineer, Sent To Police Custody
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Congress MLA, Who Poured Mud Over Engineer, Sent To Police Custody

Congress MLA Nitesh Rane was caught on camera pouring a bucket filled with mud and slime on a government official on a highway near Mumbai on July 4. The Maharashtra police arrested Rane on the same day. Nitesh Rane is the son of veteran politician and former Maharashtra chief minister Narayan Rane.

In less than two weeks, this is the second time a leader was seen misusing the power by harassing a government official. Last week, a video of Indore MLA Aksah Vijayvargiya, the son of powerful BJP general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya bashing a municipal corporation with a cricket bat went viral.

What happened?

Nitesh Rane, the Kankavli legislator on Thursday along with his supporters, went to inspect a road stretch of the Mumbai – Goa highway.

Finding the poor condition of the road, the leader lashed out on a civil engineer – Prakash Shedekar who was at the spot.

The NDTV reported that the leader retorted at the engineer and said, “People are suffering it daily…Now, you also experience it.” A video doing the rounds on social media showed that him along with his supporters pouring a bucket filled with mud on the engineer. The engineer was manhandled, and the lawmaker with his supporters even tried to tie him to the railing of the half-built bridge.

Rane even warned the engineer by saying that he will carry a stick from next time while scrutinizing the repair work on the highway. He was further quoted by ANI saying that every day at seven in the morning he will reach the spot.

Later, himself went to the police station and turned himself in.

India Today quoted the Superintendent of Police, Sindhudurg, Dikshit Gedam saying that the police have arrested Nitesh Rane with his 16 supporters who were at the spot. They were booked under sections 353, 332, 342, 324,323, 143, 148, 149, 147, 120-B, 504, 506 of Indian Penal Code. Rane along with his supporters have been sent to police custody till July 9.

Narayan disapproved of his son’s act and sharply criticized the violence. He further said that when he is apologizing, then his son should apologize as well.

After the news broke, Shiv Sena called for strong action against Nitesh Rane.

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