No Electricity In More Than 67,000 Schools In MP, Officials Fly To South Korea To Understand Better Education

Published : 24 Nov 2019 5:19 AM GMT
No Electricity In More Than 67,000 Schools In MP, Officials Fly To South Korea To Understand Better Education

Nearly 67,902 schools in Madhya Pradesh are running without electricity and basic amenities needed by the children, of which 855 schools are in the state capital, Bhopal alone. About 2,620 schools are running in a similar fashion in Chhindwara district which is the home of Chief Minister Kamal Nath.

Anoop Singh, a teacher at a primary school spoke to ANI and said, “There is no arrangement for electricity or water. There is only one room for standard 1st to 5th, it is very difficult here. We attach boards to different sides of the wall in the single room that we have and make them study. We had got assurances but no help has come from the administration.”

The state government is planning to amend the education system and adopt the South Korean education system by sending 130 officials there. While the state is aiming high for the methods, the infrastructure in schools, both urban and rural Madhya Pradesh is being neglected.

As this news surfaced, the ruling and the opposition parties sprang up in blame game. Education minister, Prabhuram Choudhary told ANI that the previous government handed over the system in a very bad shape and this is the reason why it is taking them a long time to improve. ‘’It will take time to improve the situation across the state because our government got the education sector handed over to us in very bad shape. We are working in this direction,” he added.

Attacking the Congress Government, BJP MLA Vishwas Sarang said that the ruling party is just interested in electrifying the bungalows of the ministers. The officials’ visits to South Korea have ulterior motives of business other than education as they are business people. He also added, “They have not yet understood the model of Madhya Pradesh and the country and they want to implement the model of South Korea here. The mid-day meal schemes too are not running smoothly, dress, books to the school children are not being provided and the drop-out rate has risen sharply.”

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