Pledge For School Boys To Never Violate A Woman’s Dignity: Delhi CM At FICCI Women's Event

Published : 14 Dec 2019 8:52 AM GMT
Pledge For School Boys To Never Violate A Woman’s Dignity: Delhi CM At FICCI Women

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal declared that an oath will be taken in both public and private schools around the city on women’s safety. The oath will pledge to never violate a woman’s honour.

This move has come at a very crucial time when the country is raising questions about the condition of women’s safety after the recent gang rape and murder of the 26-year-old veterinarian doctor in Hyderabad and the death of the rape victim from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh, as she was set on fire by her alleged rapists

Holding Men Accountable

At a FICCI Womens’ Event which took place on 13th December on Friday in Delhi, Kejriwal emphasized the need to educate the men and teach them how to behave with women around them and how conversations about rape and molestation should begin from home.

“Every mother should tell her son that if he violates a woman’s dignity he will not be allowed to come back home. The public will anyway ostracise you, the family will not hesitate to do the same,” Kejriwal stated at the event.

He also added that we should have a heart to heart with the men and ask them about why such incidents are happening and what makes them commit heinous crimes.

The pledge proposed will be administered by the Delhi government at regular intervals in all the schools of the city.

Delhi Government’s Measures For Women’s Safety

Kejriwal did not hesitate to reiterate the measures his government has taken to ensure safety and security for the women which include the installation of three lakh CCTV cameras, two lakh street lights in the dark spots of the city and thirteen thousand marshals that are employed in DTC buses for patrolling.

The Delhi chief minister sounded confident when he ensured that the city will become safe for women. “If we can eliminate corruption within 49 days, we can also build a system wherein women can be assured of their safety. This is not something that cannot be achieved. The only condition is that confidence has to be generated among women,” News 18 reported him saying.

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