‘Not Done Anything Wrong, Have Evidence Of How I Was Attacked’: JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh
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‘Not Done Anything Wrong, Have Evidence Of How I Was Attacked’: JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh

After the Delhi Police named Jawaharlal Nehru Students’ Union President Aishe Ghosh, as one of the nine suspects in the JNU violence on Sunday, January 5, she has demanded that the police should release whatever proof they have against her.

“There has not been any video where I can be seen with mask and rod in hand. Just naming me as a suspect is not enough, they should also have proof against the suspect,” Ghosh said. She further claimed that she had all the evidence to show how she was attacked.

She argued that the video the police is using as evidence against her was shot at Periyar Hostel, and stated that as a JNUSU representative, it’s her responsibility to respond to students in times of distress. At that time, she was rushing to respond to an SOS call.

In the photo released by the Delhi Police, Ghosh is seen rushing to a spot unarmed and without any mask.

“We have not done anything wrong. We are not scared of the Delhi Police. We will stand by the law and take our movement ahead peacefully and democratically,” Ghosh said.

While reposing her faith in the law and order of this country for giving her justice, she said, “Delhi Police can do their inquiry. I also have evidence to show how I was attacked. I have full faith in the law & order of this country that investigation will be fair. I will get justice. But why is Delhi Police biased? My complaint has not been filed as an FIR.”

She further asked who clicked the videos on which action was being taken. Ghosh further pointed out that JNU proctor Dhananjay Singh was found to be a member of one of the Whatsapp groups on which the attack was purportedly planned but no action had been taken against him yet. She condemned the narrative Delhi Police is trying to build through their selective FIRs.

Flagging concerns over the VC whose role during the January 5 attack was criticised, Ghosh said that JNUSU stands by its demand seeking removal of the VC. After meeting MHRD officials, she said a decision on whether to call off the agitation against fee hike will be taken later, reported The Quint.

Recounting their talks with MHRD, Ghosh said, “We demanded the VC should be removed immediately as he’s not able to run the university. We need a VC who can help in a fresh beginning and in restoring normalcy at the campus.”

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