Chandrayaan 2 Moon Landing: India Is With You, PM Modi Tells ISRO Chief After Loss Of Contact With Vikram Lander

Published : 7 Sep 2019 6:47 AM GMT
Chandrayaan 2 Moon Landing: India Is With You, PM Modi Tells ISRO Chief After Loss Of Contact With Vikram Lander

A wave of disappointment gripped the ISRO’s command centre as the contact with the Vikram lander was lost at an altitude of 2.1 km after successful descent. PM Modi who was in Bengaluru to witness the historic moment consoled the ISRO chief K Sivan who broke down in his arms while the PM was about to leave.

PM Modi while addressing the ISRO scientists later said, “Friends, I could feel what you were going through a few hours back, your eyes were conveying a lot. You live for India’s honour, I salute you. For the last few hours, the entire nation was worried. Everyone stands in solidarity with our scientists. We are proud of our space program. We will rise to the occasion and reach even newer heights of success. To our scientists I want to say- India is with you. You are exceptional professionals who have made an incredible contribution to national progress.”

Even though the contact is lost, the Chandrayaan orbiter is still intact and orbiting the moon. The space agency is still making efforts to analyse the data and find out the reasons behind the communication loss.

In a statement, ISRO chief K Sivan said that the Vikram lander lost contact with the ISRO Centre about 13 minutes after it began its descent. It was a little over two kilometres away from the moon’s surface. The Lander failed to bring down its speed from around 6,048 km per hour to 7 km per hour to make a soft-landing.

Once the command centre stopped receiving signals from the Lander, Sivan consulted with fellow scientists. He confirmed the loss of communication and said the data was being analysed.

According to an NDTV report, “Only 5 per cent of the mission has been lost – Vikram the lander and Pragyan the rover – while the remaining 95 per cent – that is the Chandrayaan 2 orbiter – is orbiting the moon successfully,” an official of the Indian Space Research Organisation or ISRO told news agency IANS.

Nation Stands With ISRO

As the nation witnessed historic feat being just missed, consolations pour in on Twitter. Bollywood celebrities, academicians, historians, and several others stood in solidarity with the ISRO.

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