India Reported Most Number Of Pollution-Related Deaths In 2017: Report

Published : 20 Dec 2019 12:39 PM GMT
India Reported Most Number Of Pollution-Related Deaths In 2017: Report

According to a report published on Wednesday, December 20, India has had the most number of pollution-related deaths in the year 2017.

The Global Alliance on Health and Pollution (GAHP) had formulated a report which determined pollution to be the largest environmental cause of premature death. Pollution has been the cause of around 15% of deaths, which is around 8.3 million people.

“India, the second-most populous nation, appears on both Top Ten lists with not only the highest number of deaths but also the 10th highest death rate,” the report read.

The report also added that the country has seen increasing industrial and vehicular pollution in the urban areas whereas the rural areas are plagued with poor water sanitation standards and contaminated indoor air.

40% of all the pollution-related deaths worldwide are caused by the ambient air pollution that is present due to the smog covering the major industrial cities such as Beijing and New Delhi like a blanket. This is an estimated 3.4 million deaths per year.

India and China are leading in the number of such deaths which were about 2.3 million and 1.8 million respectively. The other countries mentioned in the list were Nigeria, Indonesia, and Pakistan. With almost 2,00,000 such deaths, the United States was placed seventh on the list.

Compared to other wealthier nations with higher GDP, India and China have higher death rates from pollution. Canada and Brazil have the lowest death rates.

“The report reminds us all that pollution is a global crisis. It does not matter where you live. Pollution will find you,” said Acting Executive director of GAHP, Rachael Kupka

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