Hyderabad School Puts Out ‘Nursery Toppers’ Hoarding, Gets Trolled On Twitter

Pushing toddlers into the rat race, Priya Bharathi High School in Hyderabad has put up elaborate billboards of the nursery, LKG, UKG and first-grade toppers in the city. The images were first shared on Twitter by Krrish Yadhu which later enraged netizens commenting on how children are being forced to compete at such a young age.


Infuriated netizens called out school authorities unnecessarily putting kids under pressure.

The school’s billboard had pictures of 10 students under the nursery toppers list and 14 students under the lower KG topper list. The UKG toppers list had 11 names and the first class had 9 toppers. After the pictures of the billboard trended online, netizens began criticising and shaming the education system claiming it to be toxic for the students.

Another user tweeted, “Soon you will see nursery kid trying attempting suicide if this kind of unwanted stress is not stopped.”

Pre-primary is the first step for kids to get accustomed to the environment of an educational institution before they plunge into a world of competition. Pushing them under the burden of ranks and grades at such a young age is nothing less than snatching their childhood.

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