Nazi Dictator Adolf Hitler’s Birth Home In Austria To Be Converted Into Police Station

Published : 22 Nov 2019 7:41 AM GMT
Nazi Dictator Adolf Hitler’s Birth Home In Austria To Be Converted Into Police Station

The birth home of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler is now being turned into a police station.

Located in Braunau am Inn in Austria, it is a yellow three-story building in the town on the northern border of Germany. A statement was issued by the Interior Ministry stating that the building will house the offices of the local police forces. Following the renovation, police forces will move into the new office by 2020.

The decision to turn the building into a police station was taken to curb any possible move to turn the building into a shrine for the neo-Nazi sympathizers. “The future use of the house by the police should set an unmistakable sign that this building is permanently removed from the memory of National Socialism,” The Straits Times quoted Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Peschorn as saying.

A memorial stone is also situated in front of the building and is inscribed with the words, “For Peace, Freedom and Democracy. Never Again Fascism. Millions of dead are a warning.”

Image Credits: Wikimedia

The government will also be inviting architects from all over the continent to present their plans to redesign the building. Interior Ministry spokesperson Gerald Hesztera told NPR: “There will be an open competition for architects to see what they propose for the so-called Hitler House.”

The Austrian government had been renting the building from Gerlinde Pommer, the earlier owners. Pommer had refused federal requests to get renovations, which resulted in the government’s scuffle to get the ownership.

The legal fight was brought to an end when a local court ruled for the compensation given to Pommer. The amount of compensation which is to be received is said to be around $900,000.

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