Ex-Tech Mahindra Employee Takes To Twitter To Call-Out Homophobic Boss, Company Sacks Her

Published : 18 Sep 2018 10:16 AM GMT
Ex-Tech Mahindra Employee Takes To Twitter To Call-Out Homophobic Boss, Company Sacks Her

When India came out of the closet on September 6 with the reading down of Section 377, many people rejoiced. Many also gained the confidence to call out all the bigots and dogmatists who have throughout the years knowingly or unknowingly insulted and discriminated against them for their sexuality.

One such example is that is a former employee of Tech Mahindra, Gaurav Probir Pramanik. An employee with Tech Mahindra in 2015, Gaurav made a sensational yet heart-wrenching post on Twitter on September 9. In the post, he attached screenshots of a mail he sent to his ex-boss, Richa Gautam. The irony here was Richa Gautam was the Diversity and Inclusion head when Gaurav had to face discrimination.

After he posted his ordeal on Twitter, Tech Mahindra took cognisance of the matter and after investigation, relieved Richa Gautam from the company.

“Homophobic and racist”

“As promised, I wrote an email to my then boss at a Mahindra company I used to work with. She was a bigot and I suffered in her hands, I hence called her out,” wrote Gaurav in a tweet and attached the contents of the mail he sent to her.

He starts the mail by saying that even though “tales of transexuals in scriptures” play an important part of Indian culture, the nation still could not shrug off the weight of “archaic law” imposed by the British rulers. Setting up the context, he moves on to talks about how in 2015, during a meeting the then Diversity and Inclusion lead, Richa Gautam callously insulted an employee who left the company by asking him if he was gay when he shed a tear.

He brought up another instance where in front of young trainers and managers she said, “If your mother is a prostitute, you’re a prostitute.” He questioned her that why was the profession mentioned in such a derogatory manner.

He also pointed out how proudly she would go on her anti-Muslim and anti-homosexual rants in an office environment without thinking about the consequence it might have on the impressionable minds of the young adults who worked there. He also talked about how she would tease him for being effeminate and how it affected his performance which eventually led him to resign from the company.

Anand Mahindra responds

Soon after the tweet, Tech Mahindra and Group Chairman Anand Mahindra acknowledged the matter, promising a thorough investigation.

After an investigation, Tech Mahindra tweeted that Gautam was sacked with immediate effect, “arising out of an investigation carried out in the matter… At Tech Mahindra, we believe in diversity and inclusion, and condemn discrimination of any kind in the workplace.”

After the news of Gautam’s sacking reached Gaurav, he expressed his joy on Twitter saying that he is vindicated. “I stand vindicated. Thank you to all those who’ve been steadfastly supporting me. I have nothing but appreciation for all your support and words of encouragement,” his tweet read.

The Logical Indian celebrates the fact that the Supreme Court verdict has given so many oppressed people the courage to speak out and call out on all the bigots who have discriminated against them. We hope this incident sets a precedent for other employees and companies to follow.

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