MP: BJP Minister Organises Frog Wedding, Says ‘Logical’ Tradition For Better Rain

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June 25th, 2018 / 1:17 PM

Image Credit: Navbharat Times

If burning 500 quintals of mango wood can supposedly solve air pollution, then why can’t a frog wedding bring in more rain?

Madhya Pradesh minister of state for woman and child development, Lalita Yadav, set the bar high in the list of peculiar incidents with the marriage of two frogs to appease the rain God, Indra. An elaborate ritual of the frogs’ marriage was held at a temple in Chhattarpur on June 22.

The Frog Bride And The Frog Groom

The minister along with other local BJP leaders had organised an ‘Ashad Utsav’. A priest in the presence of Lalita Yadav and other BJP ministers solemnised the holy union between the amphibians. Hundreds of people came to witness the unusual ceremony. The wedding was followed by a grand feast.

Temple priest Acharya Brijnandan said, “The frogs’ marriage and feast is a very old tradition to please the god.” He is among those who believe that there will be good monsoon this year due to the ceremony.

In a statement to ANI, Yadav said: “We have prayed to God for rain in drought-hit Bundelkhand region and for the welfare of our farmers.”  

A similar wedding also took place in the PM’s constituency in Uttar Pradesh. In place of actual frogs, plastic frogs were used here. The toy frogs were placed on a plate and decorated in the latest bridal attire and garlands. A priest chanted Sanskrit ‘mantras’ and performed a ‘havan’. A poster depicting the newlyweds and announcing their nuptials hung on the wall in a room full of people gathered for the wedding. A wedding procession danced to drum beats to celebrate the special union of the frogs, reported NDTV.

Speaking to ANI, an organiser of the event said “We want rainfall in the city. It’s an old belief that the wedding of frogs makes Indra Dev happy. We have been affected by the blistering heat. It is raining everywhere but not in Varanasi. So, we organised this wedding, requesting Indra Dev to hasten the arrival of monsoon in the city.”

Two people dressed in bridal attire were also present during the ceremony. After the wedding was completed, the human bride and groom posed with their amphibian counterparts for pictures.

Criticism over frog wedding

As expected, this move was criticised by the opposition. The opposition said that this act encourages superstition. Senior Congress leader from Chhattarpur Alok Chaturvedi said that instead of providing drinking water in the area, Yadav was busy in organising such rituals, reported Hindustan Times.

“It’s an attempt to divert people’s attention in the name of religion and old tradition. It would have been better if she had used this time and energy to solve people’s problems. I, through my own means, supply around 50-100 water tankers in various parts of Chhattarpur city every day,” Chaturvedi said.

Yadav defended herself, saying, “It is not superstition but a logical tradition which is necessary to balance the environment which is made up of five elements. The drought is a result of a disturbance in the environment. As the environment is not happy with Bundelkhand, we are trying to please the god to make the balance in the environment. In old days, our forefathers used to organise religious rituals at temple to please the god.”

Bundelkhand region, comprising six districts – Sagar, Chhattarpur, Damoh, Tikamgarh, Panna and Datia has been reeling under drought for the last two years. Many people are forced to migrate during summers to get away from the crisis. In the last decade, these places had witnessed below average rainfall.

The Logical Indian Take

Rather than promoting rational education and scientific knowledge, ministers from India’s current largest party are promoting superstition and irrational beliefs. In March, the organisers of the Mahayagna believed that burning of mango wood would purify air and in turn, reduce pollution. This resulted in the contribution of  20,000 kg of carbon dioxide to the already polluted atmosphere. The Logical Indian hopes that people come out of this shroud of credulity and try a more scientific approach for solutions.


Written by : Poorbita Bagchi

Edited by : Abhinav Joshi

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