In A Twist, Frogs Wedded To Bring Rain, Divorced After Heavy Downpour

Published : 13 Sep 2019 11:46 AM GMT
In A Twist, Frogs Wedded To Bring Rain, Divorced After Heavy Downpour

In July, Madhya Pradesh was eagerly waiting for rains, so much so that the people even married two frogs in a hope that the rain god will bless their parched state. The state received rains, in fact, it received excess rains and it became an issue again. Hence, on September 11, the frogs were divorced.

The news is from Bhopal where Nagarika Samithi and Pancharatna Seva Trust married two frogs on July 19, 2019, to appease Lord Indra (the Hindu god of rain) to bring rain. But when the incessant rainfall claimed 202 lives in floods and associated mishaps across the state, particularly in the western and south-western areas, people decided to separate the frogs, as per a New Indian Express report.

So on Wednesday, members of a local voluntary group, Om Shiva Sewa Shakti Mandal, in Indrapuri decided to call off their relationship claiming that the union of two frogs have brought destruction to the state. The members believe that divorce of the frogs will end the enduring spell of “destructive rain”.

During the separation ceremony at a Shiva temple, two clay frogs were placed before the Shiva linga and later separated from each other. It is surprising to know that the ritual of frog marriages to bring rain has been a long-standing practice in this country.

Now it will be interesting to see whether the divorce of the frogs will end the rain fury or not particularly when the India Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rains in some parts of the state.

The Logical Indian Take

It is surprising to see that at a time when science has helped humans reach the Moon, such bizarre superstitions continue to exist. The superstitions may not be harmful to anyone, but it only encourages unscientific temper. Article 51A of the Indian constitution says that it is a fundamental duty of every citizen to develop a scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform. Now, it is the responsibility of our governments to ensure that citizens think scientifically and perform their duties, as mentioned in Article 51A.

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