Famous Classical Dancer Tara Balgopal, Who Now Lives In Absolute Poverty

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October 9th, 2015 / 7:21 PM

Source & Image: IndiaTimes

Does respect for talent wither away as age creeps in?

Well it does, unfortunately when we come across the story of Tara Balgopal, our country’s once beloved dancer who nourished the arts and dance floor with her sweat and blood. To our utter amazement, she was once celebrated to such an extent that a postal stamp of hers was issued by Indian Government.


She had pioneered and had put benchmark of excellence for some of the most noted dance forms – Kathak, Bharatanatyam, and Kathakali and she was kept in high esteem till her legs were prancing.  But today, very sadly, the 80 year old legendary dancer survives on the lasting remains of charity she procured. Many would call it her fate, but it’s not the fate that bought her to this survival from hand to mouth,- it’s sheer ignorance and neglect from authorities that put her to this condition. This negligence shows how talents which are celebrated today, can be obsoleted tomorrow.



A queue of awards and accolades follow her stature, bestowed by none other than India’s prime ministers. She eyes them to keep her soul and body intact. But all of them are decaying with time, leaving a tale of disrespect and neglect shown to the once-famous-dancer by our government.

Ms. Rajgopal also once held the dignified post of reader in English at Delhi University’s Rajdhani College. She also became the first Indian teacher to conduct UG courses on All India Radio in 1963.

But adding to above negligence, the same university where she shared her wisdom is keeping itself backfoot in giving her due benefits over which she cased a file. To make matters worse, the university now claims that they have lost all her files and records. She has also been kept in the dark by banks and insurance companies who have turned a deaf ear to her wails of sorrow and withheld her money and personal property.



However, even now nothing stops her eyes from gleaming with pride, for she had given all to this country, whatever it was for her. Now it’s the time for responsible people to do their homework and return her ever pending dues and respect and recognition of which she has been deprived.

The Logical Indian community salutes her unshakable spirit and appeals to fellow people to come forward and awake the government  to alleviate the plight of these senior citizens.

She deserves all comforts and respect in this crippling age!


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