He Was Jailed For A False Rape Case And Now His Wife Proved Him Innocent

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September 28th, 2016 / 12:36 PM

False Rape Case

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False Rape Case And Now His Wife Proved Him Innocent

Every day we come across news showing atrocities and sexual harassment committed on women but rarely do we see such news regarding men. But men are also victims of sexual as well as legal harassment and that is evident from one of the incidents that happened in Panipat. Fortunately, the man was lucky enough to have his wife by his side.

The Story
Home guard Vijendra was jailed for a false case of rape by a woman from Delhi and his wife proved him innocent. He was finally released from the jail after a six-month long ordeal.

Vijendra was working as a home guard in Panipat. On 16 October 2013, he was accused of raping a woman whom he allegedly kidnapped and took to Delhi. The police then arrested Vijendra and took him into custody. But when the investigation started, the police discovered that the alleged victim’s mobile location for that day was in Sarojini Nagar in Delhi. That means it was not possible for her to come to Rohtak where the alleged rape happened. Moreover, Vijendra was admitted in a hospital on that day. Further investigation revealed that the woman had earlier accused Vijendra of raping. When the police suspected something fishy, the police cancelled the FIR lodged by the woman and initiated a case on IPC 182 against her. The police found all the evidence going against the woman and cleared Vijendra of all the charges.


But what is more heart-warming is the way Vijendra’s wife stood beside him during this time. His wife revealed that during this six-month period they were blackmailed for money twice. When they refused to give in, they threatened the couple and said that Vijendra might fall into a deeper problem for that. Refusing to bow down, they went to SP Satish Balan and lodged a FIR. When they told the truth to the SP, then only the police started investigating and then only was Vijendra proved not guilty.

Rohtak’s Additional District Judge Seema Singhal ordered Vijendra to be released as soon as he is cleared off all the charges. She further ordered a compensation of Rs 5 lakh to be paid to Vijendra due to the alleged police inaction which dragged Vijendra and his family to unnecessary harassment.

Vijendra’s wife further revealed that he had faced a similar ordeal when they used to stay in Kalkha village, Panipat. They were happily staying together with their two children and Vijendra’s parents. There Vijendra was falsely accused of rape by a man who used to work in the City Station. The man said that Vijendra has sexually assaulted his wife. When the police started an investigation, it was revealed that Vijendra lent Rs. 50,000 to the man. The man later refused to return it and framed Vijendra in the false rape case. Even the man’s wife came to them to ask for money. Due to the fear of social stigma and to avoid court and police they conceded to their demand.


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