Guitar Lessons At Re 1 Per Day: Meet Engineer Turned Guitar Teacher Who Is Spreading The Joy Of Music

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October 22nd, 2018 / 3:20 PM

Engineer turns guitar teacher

Image Credits: The Times Of India

Every morning at around 6 pm the road outside Andhra Bhavan in Delhi gets a little crowded. At a pavement near Andhara Bhavan sits a man with a bunch of kids. These kids with some musical instrument sit next to their teacher, SV Rao and follow his instructions. Rao, 55 who has left his MNC job years ago now teachers different musical instrument for Rs 1 per day.

His students from different age groups practice their music lessons every day, some of them strum the guitar strings with a plectrum, some practice playing keyboard and others are seen busy with a flute.

Engineer turned guitar teacher

S V Rao who is fondly known as Guitar Rao also provides instruments to all his students. From last many years, Rao has been following a routine. He starts his day given music lessons and ends it in the same way. From 6 am to 9 am in the morning, he sits at the Andhra Bhavan, from 2 pm to 6 pm he teaches on a footpath in Vijay Chok and finally ends his day by playing at the India Gate till 9 pm, as reported by The Times Of India.

By profession, Rao is a civil engineer from Andhra Pradesh. He worked at an MNC for some years, and in 2009 he left his job. Rao says that he was in depression for some time after gradually getting detached from his family. In 2010, he went to Tirupati temple, where he started learnt Yoga and meditation. Soon after he enrolled in SV Music College there. As of today, he is waiting to receive his degree in music from Telangana and aspires to obtain a PhD in art.

Delhi police personnel among his students

His tryst with music helped him reconnect with his family. He made them understand his love for Music. Rao later moved to Delhi, and according to him till now he has given music lessons to at least 1000 people. Out of those, some 160 are now his regular students. He says among his students some are Delhi police personnel who unwind their long tiring day with him.

One of his students, eight-year-old Ishanvi comes to him after school. While talking to The Times Of India, she said, that she has learnt a lot from her “Guruji”. In just seven days she has picked up a couple of songs. She says that her favourite is ‘Jai Jagdish Harre’. Rao’s another student, 12-year-old Rishit said that he recently played ‘Happy Birthday Tune’ at his friend’s birthday, “everyone loved it,” he said.

Aim to start Sangeet Bharat Campaign

Guitar Rao has a mission- a mission to convince Prime Minister Narendra Modi to start a Sangeet Bharat campaign- on the same lines of Swatch Bharat campaign. He wants to meet PM to urge him to begin compulsory music classes in all the schools.

While talking about why he gives these lessons, he says, “Despite their love for music, many people cannot afford to learn music. My endeavour is to teach them music at the minimal cost.” Other than guitar, Rao also plays Violin, Keyboard and flute.

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